Zhou Qunfei Net Worth

Zhou Qunfei Net Worth

Zhou Qunfei was born in 1970 into a poor family in Xiangxiang, China in Hunan. Her father, a former soldier for the Republic of China, suffered a tragic accident in which he lost the use of one of his fingers, and he was also partially blinded, forcing him to do menial labor as a basket maker. Her mother was not much better off, and women didn’t pursue professions in China during that time the way that men did. Qunfei struggled as a youth, but she is not struggling now. She inven

ted a type of smartphone screen that made her wealthier than she ever dreamed. Her current net worth is around $7.4 billion.

Early Life

Zhou Qunfei was born in 1970 in Xiangxiang, Hunan province, China, the youngest



of three children in a poor family. Before she was born, her father, a former soldier, became partially blinded and lost a finger in an industrial accident in the 1960s. A skilled craftsman, he supported the family by making bamboo baskets and chairs and repairing bicycles. Her mother died when she was five. As a child she helped her family raise animals for sustenance and small profit. Although she was the only one out of her siblings to attend secondary school and showed promise as a bright student, she dropped out at age 16 and moved in with her uncle’s family to become a migrant worker in Shenzhen, the special economic zone in Guangdong province. While she briefly considered pursuing a government job for its stability, she discarded the idea as lacking a diploma would make it difficult to do so.

In Shenzhen she deliberately chose to work for companies near Shenzhen University, so she could take part-time courses at the university. She studied many subjects and passed the examinations to be certified for accounting, computer operations, customs processing, and even became licensed for driving commercial vehicles. Her biggest regret is not having studied English.


Although she dreamed of being a fashion designer, Zhou got a job working for a small family-run firm making watch parts for about 180 yuan a month. Displeased with the working conditions, she decided to quit after three months and submitted a letter of resignation explaining her reasons, yet expressing gratitude for the working opportunity. The letter moved the factory chief to offer her a promotion instead.

When the factory folded, she established her own company in 1993 at age 22, with her savings of HK$20,000 (~USD$3,000). It was her cousin who encouraged her to start on her own business, and the company began with her brother, sister, their spouses, and two cousins all working out of a three bedroom apartment. The company appealed to customers by promising higher-quality watch lenses. Here, Zhang took a hands on approach and involved herself in all parts of the company, including repairs and creating improved designs of factory machinery. In 2001, she caught her big break when her company won a profitable contract to make mobile phone screens for the Chinese electronics giant TCL Corporation.

Zhou Qunfei has stated that over the years she has started a total of 11 companies.


Zhou Qunfei Bio Info

Born: 1970 (age 48 years), Xiangxiang, Xiangtan, China
Spouse(s): Zheng Junlong (second husband, m. 2008)
Net worth: 7.1 billion USD (2018) Forbes
Children: 2 (one daughter, one son)
Organization founded: Lens Technology

Zhou Qunfei Quotes

  • I chose to be in business, and I don’t regret it. – Zhou Qunfei
  • I had a pursuit different from others because they all came from downtown areas with money, but I didn’t have any. All I wanted is to change my destiny with my own efforts. – Zhou Qunfei
  • I worked from 8 A.M. to 12 A.M., and sometimes until 2 A.M. There were no shifts, just a few dozen people, and we all polished glass. I didn’t enjoy it. – Zhou Qunfei
  • Twice I had to sell my house to pay my employees’ salary. – Zhou Qunfei
  • In the village where I grew up, a lot of girls didn’t have a choice of whether to go to middle school. They would get engaged or married and spend their entire life in that village. – Zhou Qunfei

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