Zhang Xin Net Worth

Zhang Xin Net Worth

Another Chinese female entrepreneur is known for the impact she has made in the Chinese real estate industry. She is also considered a Chinese business magnate. She’s the co-founder and the CEO of SOHO China, one of the largest existing commercial real estate companies in all of Shanghai and Beijing. Her net worth is estimated to be around $3.2 billion.

Early Life and Education

In the 1950s, Zhang Xin’s parents, second generation Burmese Chinese, left Burma and immigrated to China. There, they worked as translators at the Foreign Languages Press. They separated during the Cultural Revolution.

Born in Beijing in 1965, Zhang Xin moved to Hong Kong at the age of 14 with her mother and lived in a room just big enough for two bunk beds. To save for an education abroad, she worked for five years in small factories that made garment and electronic products.

By 19, she had saved enough for airfare to London and supporting herself for English study at secretarial school. Later, she studied economics at the University of Sussex. In 1992, she graduated with a master’s degree in development economics from Cambridge University. In 2013, Zhang received an honorary doctorate from her alma mater, the University of Sussex.

Zhang Xin Bio Info

Born: 24 August 1965 (age 52 years), Beijing, China
Net worth: 3.6 billion USD (2018) Forbes
Spouse: Pan Shiyi (m. 1994)
Children: Pan Shao, Pan Rang
Education: University of Cambridge (1992), University of Sussex
Organizations founded: SOHO China, SOHO 3Q, SOHO China Foundation

Zhang Xin Quotes

  • Growth will be slower, no one denies that. But the question is: Where are the chances and opportunities now? I see some positive and some negative trends. – Zhang Xin
  • No economy, no company, in fact no individual can develop its full potential today without embracing two fundamental trends – globalization and digitalization. They will dominate for quite some time to come. – Zhang Xin
  • Isolation means a lack of growth. I grew up in China at a time when the country was completely isolated. That era is over. – Zhang Xin
  • Many Chinese entrepreneurs are now donating for education; others support foundations in health care and research. None of us wants to be the richest guy in the cemetery. – Zhang Xin
  • Chinese no longer crave so much for food and accommodation, but they do crave democracy. I stand by that. I don’t know which model China will follow. – Zhang Xin

Zhang Xin Videos on YouTube

Zhang Xin is a self-made property magnate. Born during China’s repressive Cultural Revolution, Xin has become China’s architect of change by reinventing the skylines of Beijing and Shanghai, building by building. Now she wants to inspire others to think big and get creative.

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