Winona Ryder Net Worth

Winona Ryder Net Worth

Who is Winona Ryder?

Winona Ryder is among the most renowned and affluent actresses of the American film industry. She gathered critical applause and recognition after her appearances in film and TV shows, typically in the 1990s.

Winona Ryder Net Worth

Ryder’s net worth is close to $18 million, as claimed by Celebrity Net Worth. Ryder has been able to amass this fortune by being active in the movies and television. Her role as Joyce, a single mother whose child disappears mysteriously, in Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things has a lot to do with her handsome earnings.

Winona Ryder Life History

Winona Laura Horowitz was born on October 29, 1971, in Winona, Minnesota to Jewish father Michael Horowitz and Cynthia Palmer. Her last name “Ryder” was inspired by her father’s beloved soul and rock singer, Mitch Ryder. She developed an interest towards acting upon seeing a few movies in a family outhouse. Ryder was home-schooled after being bullied in school. She later went to American Conservatory Theater for acting lessons.

Winona Ryder Known For

Ryder landed her first role in the comedy movie “Lucas” in 1986. She went on to do “Square Dance” in 1987 and gained widespread acclaim and commercial success for her performance as a goth teenager in the movie “Beetlejuice” in 1988.  She was cast in notable movies like Heathers, Tim Burton’s fantasy film Edward Scissorhands, and 1992 hit gothic horror Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Ryder earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the films Mermaids in 1990 and The Age of Innocence in 1993 for which she also earned an Academy Award nomination. She was nominated for the Best Actress Academy Award for Little Women in 1994. She appeared in many celebrated movies like Reality Bites, Alien Resurrection, Celebrity, Girl Interrupted, Black Swan and When Love is not enough: The Lois Wilson Story.

She currently stars in Netflix’s hit sci-fi show Stranger Things. She earned a Golden Globe nomination for her character of Joyce Byers in the show.

Ryder was commemorated with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood, California in the year 2010.

Ryder made headlines when she was accused of shoplifting designer clothes & accessories worth $5,500 and was arrested in Beverly Hills, California in December 2001.

Ryder previously dated actors Dave Pirner and Matt Damon and was engaged to actor Johnny Depp for three years. She is currently in a relationship with Scott Mackinlay Hahn.

Winona Ryder Political/Business Affiliations

Ryder started donating a fair share of her income in philanthropic work since her twenties. She has been working closely with the American Indian College Fund, a non-profit organization that helps low-income Native Americans with college funds and scholarships.

She has been contributing financially to transportation system of various American Indian colleges to curb the problem of increased drop-out rate.

Final Words

Winona Ryder is one of the most talented actresses in the film business, essaying conventional roles right from her early movies such as Beetlejuice where she plays quirky Lydia to her most recent TV show character, Joyce, a single mother to a 12-year-old child.

Winona Ryder Bio Info

Full name: Winona Laura Horowitz
Born: 29 October 1971 (age 46 years), Olmsted County, Minnesota, United States
Height: 1.61 m
Partner: Scott Mackinlay Hahn (2011– present)
Occupation: Actress
Parent(s): Michael D. Horowitz (father), Cynthia Istas Palmer (mother)

Winona Ryder Quotes

  • I’m used to being told what to say, but not what to think… that’s usually left up to me. – Winona Ryder
  • I love books and going to bookstores. My favorite sound is the sound of the needle hitting the record. – Winona Ryder
  • You have to work to be relevant. If you don’t, then people will forget, and the studios won’t want you because they won’t remember the last thing you did that made money. – Winona Ryder
  • Remember, I’m the kind of kid who used to get stuffed into a locker by school bullies. I’ve never felt like I’m a big star at any level of my life. – Winona Ryder

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