Why Every Retailer Needs A Facebook Page?


E-commerce has been anchoring small-scale retailers’ businesses nowadays as people tend to shop online more. Link this trend to social media presence, and you get a combination of a potential driver of growth. The most prominent social media sites happen to be Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. But they are also big markets and we’ve seen that buying youtube subscribers helps a lot with marketing and many people do it.

Having a Facebook page is a good idea, use Facebook ads for lead generation. Here are the reasons why:

1. 1 Billion global users and counting

Over 1 billion active users worldwide – even a small percentage of this chunk is already a good target audience for you to expose your brand.

2. Conversation station

Your Facebook page should serve as the center of communications between you and your customer. Make it a hub where your customers can openly drop an honest feedback when they like it. Use the platform to politely answer all questions, concerns and address issues aptly.

What to avoid?

    • Avoid being defensive
    • If you are at fault, admit it and lay down action plans
  • Engaging your customer in a fight
  • Negate your customers claim
  • Spam your “likers” or “friends” with multiple posts a day

If you are able to manage your Facebook page well, you can actually build a community on your Facebook page.

3. Extension of the website

Use Facebook as an extension of your actual website. Make sure that contents such as pricing, pictures and stocks are consistent in both platforms. In every post, include the actual link to your website where they can directly purchase the product and pay through credit card or mobile payment methods.

If your website is integrated with Facebook, updates on promotions and discounts will automatically be reflected in your Facebook page. I came across this best SEO Company in Brisbane to boost the ranking of some websites. These will appear on the news feed of your “likers” and “friends”.

4. Know more about target audience

By dialogues and interactions with your customers through Facebook, you already get a grasp on what products and services are gaining traction by “likes” and “shares”. The same way you can determine the highs and lows of the day in terms of engagement, it helps to keep a solid returning customer sdatabase; Learn more about how does it work reading this customer centric definition

5. Good for SEO

Social and search are already integrated nowadays -hire local SEO Gold Coast – This is why the more visible you are in Facebook, the better your search rankings will be. What software can manage all my Google My Business properties? Google Posts is a feature that allows people and businesses to create content directly on Google. Remember, most interactions in your Facebook page are organic, and so, it helps if you were to find a pbn creation company to boost the SEO of your websites. Find the best GlassBox Marketing & Consultancy -Singapore SEO & Singapore Digital Marketing Agency.

If you already have a Facebook page, the next assignment for you is to manage it well. Stunning visual contents should always be fresh. If you can afford to, delegate social media management to one person to oversee all the happenings.

If you do not have a Facebook page yet, do your business a favor now. Set-up one immediately.