Vinnie Pazienza Net Worth

Vinnie Pazienza Net Worth

Vinnie Pazienza called as Vinny Paz by his fans is an American professional boxer who has retired now. He has won several titles in the lightweight and light middleweight divisions.

Who is Vinnie Pazienza?

Vinnie Pazienza was born on 16th December 1962 and he shot to fame after his wins against several boxers in 1980. He continued to win several world titles, but a spinal injury had put a break in his winning streak. He recovered from the injury and started winning world titles once again. The movie Bleed For This in 2016 was based on his life after the spinal injury.

Vinnie Pazienza Net Worth

The net worth of Vinnie Pazienza is currently not known, but his net worth has increased in 2018.

Vinnie Pazienza Life History

Vinnie Pazienza became a notable name in the boxing arena in the 1980s when he defeated Melvin Paul, Joe Frazier Jr, Harry Arroyo, Nelson Bolanos and Roberto Elizondo. In 1987, he won his first world title, becoming IBF World Lightweight Champion after defeating Greg Haugen.

In the Junior Welterweight category, Vinnie Pazienza lost against his opponents while trying to win the title in 1988 and 1990. Later in 1992, he moved on to Junior Middleweight category and became USBA Champion in his first match in the category against Ron Amundsen. After defeating WBA Champion Gilbert Dele, he became the second boxer ever in the boxing history to win junior lightweight and middleweight titles.

Following his wins, Vinnie Pazienza met with a severe car accident that resulted in a broken neck. Doctors told him that he may not be able to walk again, let alone fight in boxing tournaments. He started wearing Halo medical device for 3 months and continued his workout regime with advice from doctors. Surprising everyone, Vinnie Pazienza came back to the boxing ring within 13 months of the accident and won against Luis Santana. After that, Vinnie Pazienza continued his winning streak defeating Bret Lally and Lloyd Honeyghan in TKO rounds. He became IBO Middleweight champion in 1993. He also obtained IBC Super Middleweight title.

He lost IBF championship in 1995 but found peace with winning WBU Super Middleweight World Championship against Dana Rosenblatt in 1996. In 2002, he competed in his last world title against Eric Lucas and lost it. He fought in 2004 and ended his boxing career with the final win against Tocker Pudwill in 2004.

Vinnie Pazienza Known For

Vinnie Pazienza has won five world titles along with USBA title. His comeback after the spinal injury inspired movie makers to create a movie highlighting his perseverance and love for boxing. Despite a glorified boxing career, Vinnie Pazienza is also notoriously famous for a number of charges like alcohol offenses, bad checks, domestic violence and disorderly conduct.

Vinnie Pazienza Political/ Business Affiliations

Vinnie Pazienza appeared as a guest star in Police Academy. He was also featured on talk shows. He appeared in the movie Good Life, which wasn’t released.

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