Vincent Gallo Net Worth – Career Earnings and Life Bio

Vincent Gallo, born on April 11, 1961, in Buffalo, New York, is an accomplished American actor, filmmaker, and musician. With a career spanning over four decades, Gallo has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry, working in various fields such as acting, directing, screenwriting, producing, painting, and music.

Gallo has received accolades for his work, including winning a Volpi Cup for Best Actor and being nominated for prestigious awards like the Palme d’Or, the Golden Lion, and the Bronze Horse. He is known for films like “Buffalo ’66” and “The Brown Bunny,” which have gained a cult following, particularly in Japan.

Throughout his diverse career, Gallo has accumulated a significant net worth. Let’s explore his career, earnings, and personal life to gain a deeper understanding of Vincent Gallo’s journey in the entertainment industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Vincent Gallo is an accomplished American actor, filmmaker, and musician.
  • His career spans over four decades, with notable films like “Buffalo ’66” and “The Brown Bunny.”
  • Gallo has received accolades for his work, including winning a Volpi Cup for Best Actor.
  • He has a diverse range of talents, working in acting, directing, screenwriting, producing, painting, and music.
  • Gallo’s net worth reflects his successful career in the entertainment industry.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Vincent Gallo had a challenging upbringing in Buffalo, New York. He worked for the local mafia as a teenager, engaging in small crimes like carjacking and shoplifting. However, he eventually chose to pursue a legitimate career after a mafia member convinced him to use his potential wisely. Gallo left Buffalo at the age of 16 and moved to New York City.

He initially took up various jobs, including working in a hi-fi guitar shop and as a restaurant dishwasher. Gallo began his artistic period in the 1980s, working as a musician, painter, and filmmaker in New York City, collaborating with artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Lukas Haas. He made his acting debut in the film “Downtown 81” alongside Basquiat and gained small roles in well-known films like “Goodfellas” and “The House of the Spirits.”

Film and Television Career

Vincent Gallo’s film and television career took off in the 1990s and early 2000s, establishing him as a versatile and talented artist in the industry. He has appeared in a diverse range of films, showcasing his acting prowess and ability to captivate audiences with his unique performances. Gallo’s filmography includes notable works such as “Arizona Dream,” “Palookaville,” “The Funeral,” and “Metropia,” where he demonstrated his versatility by portraying a wide range of characters.

However, Gallo’s journey into the world of filmmaking didn’t stop at acting. In 1998, he made his directorial debut with the critically acclaimed film “Buffalo ’66,” a project that solidified his place not only as an actor but also as a talented director. The film received positive reviews for its unique storytelling and artistic vision, garnering attention and praise from both critics and audiences alike.

Gallo’s directorial endeavors continued with “The Brown Bunny” in 2003, a film that pushed creative boundaries and sparked controversy due to its explicit content. Despite the divisive reception, Gallo’s commitment to artistic expression and his ability to evoke emotions through his work cannot be denied.

Throughout his career, Gallo has had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned directors such as Claire Denis and Julie Delpy, further enhancing his reputation as a versatile and respected artist. He appeared in Denis’ film “Nénette et Boni,” delivering a captivating performance, and also worked with Delpy in “2 Days in New York,” showcasing his ability to seamlessly transition between different genres and styles.

Gallo’s talent and versatility have also taken him to the international film scene, where he has acted in films like “Essential Killing” and “The Legend of Kaspar Hauser.” These international projects allowed him to showcase his abilities to a global audience, further establishing his status as a respected actor.


Film Title Year
Arizona Dream 1993
Palookaville 1995
The Funeral 1996
Metropia 2009

Directorial Work:

“Buffalo ’66” (1998) – A captivating and visually striking film that marked Gallo’s impressive debut as a director. The film captures the struggles of its protagonist with raw emotions, leaving a lasting impact on viewers.

“The Brown Bunny” (2003) – Gallo’s controversial yet thought-provoking film that pushed boundaries and challenged conventional storytelling. Its explicit content sparked debates and divided opinions, making it a memorable entry in Gallo’s directorial career.

Gallo’s films have received a range of reviews, from critical acclaim to polarizing opinions. While opinions on his directorial work remain divided, there is no denying his unique artistic vision and commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

Music Career and Modeling

In addition to his acclaimed work in film and television, Vincent Gallo has also made significant contributions to the music industry and has established himself as a sought-after model.

Music Career

Vincent Gallo’s music career showcases his versatility and artistic prowess. He has released several solo recordings in the alternative and film score genres, creating a unique blend of captivating melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. Gallo’s music has been featured on albums released by Warp Records, a notable record label known for its diverse and forward-thinking artists.

His musical compositions often resonate with listeners, evoking a range of emotions through his evocative soundscapes. Gallo’s music is a testament to his creative vision, and his ability to connect with audiences through his melodic storytelling sets him apart as a multifaceted artist.


Alongside his endeavors in music and film, Vincent Gallo has also made a significant impact in the world of modeling. With his unique sense of style and artistic sensibility, he has collaborated with renowned fashion houses such as Calvin Klein, H&M, Supreme, and Yves Saint Laurent.

Gallo’s presence as a model is characterized by his captivating and unconventional looks, making him a sought-after figure in the fashion industry. His ability to effortlessly embody different aesthetics and convey a sense of individuality has garnered attention and acclaim from the fashion community.

Whether it’s his striking appearances in print campaigns or his captivating presence on the runway, Vincent Gallo’s modeling career showcases his ability to transcend traditional boundaries and leave a lasting impression in the fashion world.

vincent gallo Music career

Vincent Gallo’s Music Discography

Album Title Genre Release Year Label
Recordings of Music for Film Film Score 2002 Warp Records
When Alternative 2001 Warp Records
So Sad Alternative 2001 Warp Records
The Brown Bunny Soundtrack Film Score 2003 Warp Records

Personal Life and Controversies

Vincent Gallo, known for his enigmatic persona, has maintained a remarkably private personal life. While he has been linked to several prominent actresses, including Chloë Sevigny and Asia Argento, Gallo prefers to keep his romantic relationships out of the public eye.

Throughout his career, Gallo has been no stranger to controversies, making headlines for his bold artistic choices and outspoken nature. One of the most notable controversies surrounding him is his 2003 film “The Brown Bunny,” which garnered significant attention and criticism for its explicit and controversial content. Gallo’s film received mixed reviews, but it ultimately became a notable part of his body of work.

In addition to film controversies, Gallo has engaged in public feuds and heated exchanges with individuals within the industry. Notably, he had a highly publicized dispute with renowned film critic Roger Ebert, further fueling his controversial image.

Furthermore, Gallo has not shied away from expressing his controversial political views, which have stirred controversy and drawn criticism from certain groups. His willingness to express his opinions, regardless of the potential backlash, has cemented his reputation as a provocative figure within the entertainment industry.

Notable Controversies:

“The Brown Bunny” controversy: The explicit nature of Vincent Gallo’s film “The Brown Bunny” caused a stir among audiences and critics alike, with some praising its artistic merits, while others condemned its explicit content.

Feud with Roger Ebert: Vincent Gallo engaged in a highly publicized feud with film critic Roger Ebert, resulting in a contentious exchange of opinions and personal attacks.

Despite these controversies, Gallo’s unwavering commitment to his artistic vision and willingness to push boundaries have solidified his status as a boundary-pushing artist.

vincent gallo Controversies

Awards and Recognition

Vincent Gallo’s artistic contributions have been widely recognized, earning him prestigious awards and acclaim from the film industry. Notably, Gallo won the Volpi Cup for Best Actor at the Venice International Film Festival in 2010 for his powerful performance in “Essential Killing.” This accolade showcased his exceptional talent and solidified his status as a skilled actor.

Furthermore, Gallo’s directorial debut, “Buffalo ’66,” received the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, establishing him as a notable filmmaker. This recognition highlighted his unique storytelling style and artistic vision.

Gallo’s films have also garnered a devoted following, especially in Japan, where his unconventional narratives and captivating performances have resonated with audiences. Filmmakers and actors in the industry have praised his distinct style and fearless approach to storytelling, further cementing his reputation as an influential figure in cinema.

vincent gallo Awards

Award Year Category Work
Volpi Cup 2010 Best Actor Essential Killing
Golden Lion 1998 Best Film Buffalo ’66

Vincent Gallo’s Net Worth

Vincent Gallo’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million. Throughout his diverse career in acting, directing, music, and modeling, Gallo has accumulated wealth from his successful ventures. His contributions to the entertainment industry and his ability to take creative risks have contributed to his financial success.

vincent gallo Net Worth

Vincent Gallo’s Legacy

Vincent Gallo has left a significant legacy in the entertainment industry with his groundbreaking artistic contributions and boundary-pushing creativity. His unique perspective and willingness to challenge conventional norms have made him a trailblazer in the field. Gallo’s films, such as the critically acclaimed “Buffalo ’66” and the controversial “The Brown Bunny,” have achieved cult status, captivating audiences and sparking insightful discussions among film enthusiasts.

Gallo’s ability to mesmerize viewers with his captivating performances and thought-provoking storytelling sets him apart as a truly influential figure in the industry. His artistic ventures extend beyond filmmaking, encompassing various artistic fields such as painting, music, and modeling. This multifaceted approach showcases Gallo’s versatility, originality, and dedication to his craft.

“Vincent Gallo’s innovative approach to storytelling challenges the status quo and encourages audiences to think differently. His films evoke strong emotions and leave a lasting impression, making him a true artist of our time.” – Film Critic

Throughout his career, Gallo’s work has garnered both acclaim and controversy. However, his unwavering commitment to his artistic vision has cemented his place in the industry and continues to inspire aspiring filmmakers and artists.

As we reflect on Vincent Gallo’s legacy, it is clear that his contributions have shaped the entertainment landscape and paved the way for future generations of creators to push boundaries and strive for artistic excellence.

vincent gallo Legacy

Film Year Awards/Nominations
Buffalo ’66 1998
  • Golden Lion – Venice Film Festival
The Brown Bunny 2003
  • Cannes Film Festival Controversy
Essential Killing 2010
  • Volpi Cup for Best Actor – Venice Film Festival


Vincent Gallo’s diverse career in acting, directing, music, and modeling has established him as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. Despite encountering controversies and facing mixed critical reception, Gallo’s contributions have made a lasting impact and continue to be appreciated by fans and professionals alike.

His versatility and unique artistic sensibility have allowed him to excel in multiple creative fields, showcasing his talent and ability to push creative boundaries. From his breakout role in “Buffalo ’66” to his directorial work in “The Brown Bunny,” Gallo’s films have gained a devoted cult following and sparked ongoing discussions within the film community.

With an estimated net worth of $8 million, Gallo’s financial success reflects the recognition he has received for his talents. His ability to captivate audiences with his captivating performances and his willingness to take creative risks have solidified his place as a notable figure in the industry. Vincent Gallo’s legacy will undoubtedly continue to inspire future generations of filmmakers, actors, and artists.


What is Vincent Gallo’s net worth?

Vincent Gallo’s net worth is estimated to be around million.

What is Vincent Gallo known for?

Vincent Gallo is known for his work as an actor, filmmaker, and musician, particularly for his films “Buffalo ’66” and “The Brown Bunny.”

What awards has Vincent Gallo won?

Vincent Gallo has won a Volpi Cup for Best Actor and a Golden Lion, among other awards.

What is Vincent Gallo’s career background?

Vincent Gallo has worked in various fields including acting, directing, screenwriting, producing, painting, and music.

Has Vincent Gallo released any music?

Yes, Vincent Gallo has released several solo recordings, primarily in the alternative and film score genres.

Who has Vincent Gallo collaborated with?

Vincent Gallo has collaborated with artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Lukas Haas in his artistic career.

What controversies has Vincent Gallo been involved in?

Vincent Gallo has been involved in controversies related to his explicit film “The Brown Bunny” and his controversial political views.

What recognition has Vincent Gallo received for his work?

Vincent Gallo has received accolades such as the Volpi Cup for Best Actor and the Golden Lion, and his films have gained a cult following, particularly in Japan.

Has Vincent Gallo worked in the fashion industry?

Yes, Vincent Gallo has worked as a model for fashion houses like Calvin Klein, H&M, Supreme, and Yves Saint Laurent.

What is Vincent Gallo’s legacy in the entertainment industry?

Vincent Gallo’s unique artistic vision and willingness to push creative boundaries have left a lasting impact on the entertainment industry.

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