Vet Tix Terms Of Agreement

Data protection. This privacy policy includes the Veteran Ticket Foundation`s handling of personal or personally identifiable information (personal information) that can be collected when the user is on the site and when the user uses the services of the Veteran Ticket Foundation. This privacy policy does not apply to the practices of companies or individuals who do not own the Veteran Ticket Foundation or who control the site, or to third parties on the site. Veteran Tickets Foundation can collect personal data when the user uses certain services on the site or when the user visits cookie-capable websites. Veteran Ticket Foundation can also register your IP address when the user accesses the site. Veteran Tickets Foundation uses this personal data to respond to requests for our services or products, to contact users regarding changes to our website or business, and to customize the content that the user can see on the site. Veteran Tickets Foundation can also use cookie files to better meet the user`s needs by creating a custom template or website for the site. The Veteran Tickets Foundation will not sell or rent the user`s personal data to individuals, businesses or government agencies unless required by the user or if the Veteran Ticket Foundation is required to respond to court injunctions, summonses or other court proceedings. The Veteran Tickets Foundation reserves the right to amend this Policy at any time. Veteran Tickets Foundation will contact registered users by email or post a notice of change on their website if and if the terms of this policy are changed. Violation of the conditions. You understand and agree that Veteran Ticket Foundation may, at the sole discretion of the Veteran Ticket Foundation and without notice, terminate your access to the site, cancel your ticket order or exercise any other available remedies, and remove any unauthorized content from the user if veteran Ticket Foundation believes that the user`s content you provide has violated the rights of the Veteran Ticket Foundation or is not inconsistent with these Terms of Use.

, another user or the law. You accept that the financial damages of the Veteran Ticket Foundation do not remedy violations of these Terms and you accept any omission or other fair exemption for these offences. Veteran Tickets Foundation may share user information about you if this is legal or pre-authorized, or if the information is necessary or appropriate to address an illegal or harmful activity.

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