Tyra Banks Net Worth

Tyra Banks Net Worth

Tyra Lynne Banks is an American-born multi-talented television celebrity. She has spread her talent through different regions of creativity. Banks is also an actor, former model, producer, businesswoman, occasional singer and author. She got the right spark in her from the childhood. At the age of 15, she started her modeling career. As an African-American woman, Tyra Banks has set a different milestone in the modeling and fashion world. In early 2000, she was enlisted as one of the top-earning models worldwide. Tyra Banks was born on 4th December 1973.

Tyra Banks net worth:
Tyra Banks is one of the most popular celebrities in America. Her talent has made her famous worldwide. She is a successful business person also. According to the authentic sources, she owns almost $90 million as of now. As we have stated before, Banks is working on different sectors at the same time. She has earned a lot during her modeling career because she got featured in the prime fashion magazines including Vogue and several designer houses such as Victoria’s Secret, Channel, Dolce & Gabanna, Calvin Klein, Givenchy and lot more like these. She has acted in many films and has appeared in several TV shows. So, she gets a huge wealth as an actress. Except all these, she is an author. Also, she has launched her own cosmetics brand. So, these are the main factors that have made her a successful millionaire.

Tyra Banks Life History:
Banks was born in Inglewood, California. She is the daughter of Donald Banks and Carolyn London. Her father is a computer consultant and mother is a medical photographer. She also has a brother. When she was just six, her parents got divorced. She completed her graduate degree in 1991 from Immaculate Heart High School which was in Los Angeles. She had bitter experience in her childhood due to her appearance. Her schoolmates used to bully her because of her appearance. In 2011, she enrolled in the Harvard Business School and completed her certificate course in 2012.

Tyra Banks is known for:
When Banks was in her Los Angeles school, she started her modeling career. Soon she became a successful model and then she got the contract of Victoria’s Secret continuous from 1997 to 2005. She was on the cover of GQ as the first African-American model.
Banks started acting on television in the 4th season of the popular show “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” where she appeared for the 7 times. After that, she appeared in several popular TV shows including “Felicity”, “All That”, “MADtv” etc. She also started her own production company entitled “Ty Ty Baby production”. It is the producer of the Tyra Banks show “America’s next top model” and a movie.
Banks is also a successful actor in movies. Starting from 1995-2009 she has acted in several movies including “Coyote Ugly”, “Hannah Montana: The Movie” etc.

Tyra Banks Political/Business Affiliation:
Tyra banks is a very successful businesswoman. She has started her cosmetic brand in 2014 named “Tyra Beauty”. This company uses the multi-level marketing procedure and recruits sales distributors. This is the unique business idea implemented by Banks and became really successful also.
She is a bestseller author. In 2011, her novel based on her modeling experiences, “Modelland” ranked top in the best seller list of New York.

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