Tony Parker Net Worth

Tony Parker Net Worth

Who Is Tony Parker?

Tony Parker, born on 17 May in the year 1982 is a French professional basketball player. He had played for San Antonio Spurs of the National Basketball Association. His full name is William Anthony Parker Jr.

Tony Parker Net Worth:

The net worth of Tony Parker is $112 million. His salary is of about $14 million. He owns a house in San Antonia which is worth 48 million. He owns a Continental GTC which is manufactured by Bentley and is of about $90,000. He also has a flat black Cadillac Escalade. He earns about $3 million every year with his endorsement deals alone.

Tony Parker Life History:

Tony Parker was born on May seventeen in the year 1982 in Bruges, Belgium and was raised in France. His full name is William Anthony Parker Jr. His father was Tony Parker Sr. who was an African American and had professionally played basketball at Loyola University Chicago and overseas as well. His mother Pamela Firestone was a famous Dutch model. His great-uncle is also an Olympic gold medalist in rowing.

Tony used to love watching his father’s basketball games with his siblings with whom he shared a close bond. Tony wanted to play football at the very beginning but he changed his mind when he saw Michael Jordan transforming into a global star. Both if his younger brothers liked basketball as well and played in college as well as professional levels.

As he worked on his skill, because of his speed and agility he was playing the Point Guard position. For two seasons he played for amateur leagues in France. He was signed with Paris Basket Racing in the year 1999.

In his personal life, he is right now married to Axelle Francine who is a journalist in France. During the time Axelle has just come out of a long-term relationship and Tony has had gotten divorced with the famous celebrity Eva Longoria. Tony and Axelle together have two sons Josh Parker who was born on 30 April in the year 2014 and Liam Parker born on July 29 in the year 2016.

Tony Parker – Known For:

Tony Parker is best known for his professional basketball achievements. He had been named to six NBA all-star game, Three all NBA second team and third as well. In the year 2013, he had been named the MVP of EuroBasket, when his team had won over Lituania. Also in the year 2015 he had become the all leading scorer in the EuroBasket competition. He has also won a number of medals that includes gold in 2013, one silver in the year 2011 against Lithuania and two bronze medals that he played against Serbia and France in the year 2005 and 2015 respectively.

Tony Parker – Political / Business Affiliations:

Tony Parker has been associated with a number of famous brands like Tissot, Bolle, Renault, SWBC, H-E-B among many others. He has also signed a deal with Chinese shoe company named Peak.

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