Tom Segura Net Worth

Tom Segura Net Worth

Tom Segura is a well known American stand-up comedian. His podcasts are also popular on the internet.

Who is Tom Segura

Tom Segura was born on 16th April 1979 in Cincinnati Ohio. He graduated from Lenoir-Rhyne University when he found his calling in the field of comedy. During his initial days as a stand-up comedian, he has participated and won the praise of the audience at Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Global Comedy Festival in Vancouver, The Comedy Festival, South Beach Comedy Festival, and Just For Laughs Comedy Festival. At 18, he overdosed on drugs and went into a short coma after which Tom Segura stayed clear of the drugs.

Tom Segura Net Worth

Tom Segura’s net worth is estimated to be $3 billion. As he continues to perform comedy shows, his net worth is likely to increase in the upcoming years.

Tom Segura Life History

Tom Segura has carved a niche for himself as a stand-up comedian even during his early career days. He became well known when he was a San Francisco finalist on Last Comic Standing 2. He is also a prominent member of Deathsquad Network of Standup Comedians. When Tom performs audience stay mesmerized by his presentation skills and everyone goes home after enjoying good laughs.

Apart from conducting stand-up comedy shows in various venues, Tom Segura also features in various TV shows. His shows enable him to reach a wider audience. His popular TV shows include Atom TV, Gary Unmarried, Workaholics, This is Not Happening, Comedy Central Presents, Conan, Hollywood’s Top Ten, The Real Housewives of Orange Country and Happy Ending. His show How to Be a Grown Up was well received by the audience.

Expanding his reach, Tom Segura has three Netflix specials as of date – Completely Normal, Mostly Stories and Disgraceful. He has also released his comedy specials Thrilled and White Girls with Cornrows.

Apart from comedy TV shows, Tom Segura is busy promoting his skills through podcast. He is an internet celebrity among those who follow comedy podcasts. He created and hosted Your Mom’s House podcast with his wife Christina Pazsitzky. He also appears regularly on radio shows The Ron and Fez show and The Bob and Tom Show.

Tom Segura is married to Christina Pazsitzky who is also a comedian. The couple have a child together.

Tom Segura Known For

Tom Segura is making his mark as a bankable comedian as he performs tours several times in a year. His most notable achievement so far is that his podcast Your Mom’s House was nominated in the Best Comedy category in the first annual Stitcher Awards in 2012.

Tom Segura Political/ Business Affiliations

Various publications in Chicago recognize Tom Segura as an excellent comedian. He runs his own website to connect with his fans and inform them of upcoming events. He is also busy producing his comedy specials to release them on Netflix. Segura has been doing well in expanding his wealth and he has several years ahead of him to earn even more.

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