Tom Green Net Worth

Tom Green Net Worth

Who Is Tom Green?

Tom Green is a Canadian actor, rapper, director, producer and a television personality who was born on July 30 in the year 1971.

Tom Green Net worth:

The net worth of Tom Green is $5 million. His earnings mainly came from his work in movies like Freddy Got Fingered and the number of shows he hosted on MTV.

Tom Green Life History:

This Canadian stand-up comedian and talk show host is one of the most famous television personalities. He was born on July 30 in the year 1971. He was born in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada and is the son of Mary Jane and Richard Green. His mother was a communication consultant and father was a computer system analyst and a retired army captain.

Tom grew up in on a Canadian Army base in Pembroke and later lived in Gloucester in Ontario. He did his schooling at Henry Munro Middle School and Cairine Wilson Secondary School. Tom did his graduation from Algonquin College in the year 1994. When he was just fifteen years of age he started performing as a standup comedian at local clubs mainly at Yuk Yuk’s club for more than two years and finally canceled a booking to finally go to New York for his rap group. In the year 2000, Tom got engaged to the famous actress Drew Barrymore, She was a fan of Green’s show and asked Tom to appear in the movie Charlie’s Angels in which she starred and also was the producer.

They got married in the year 2001 on 7 July. The couple was in a live-in relationship before getting engaged and then after a year of getting engaged, they finally got married. Tom was also seen in the movie Freddy Got Fingered in which Drew acted in. The couple used to joke about their marriage to the media quite often, of which the most notable was when in the year 2000 when Tom was hosting the show Saturday Night Live. Tom actually brought Drew on stage and said that they were going to get married after the episode.

This made the public really confused regarding if they were actually going to do it. Although the relationship did not last a long time and Tom filed for a divorce just one year after the marriage. In the year 2010, he was heard saying that they don’t see each other much but are on decent terms.

Tom Green – Known For:

Tom Green is best known for his unique comedy style. He came into the limelight by his MTV show called The Tom Green Show. He was also seen in a number of Hollywood movies like Charlie’s Angels, Stealing Harvard and Shred. He started performing as a standup comedian in the year 2010. He also hosted a live weekly talk show Tom Green Live on AXS TV.

Tom Green – Political / Business Affiliations:

In the year 2004, Tom released his autobiography called “Hollywood Causes Cancer: The Tom Green Show” in which he discussed in detail about his career in Hollywood and the short marriage and relationship he had with Drew Barrymore.

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