Todd Chrisley Net Worth

Todd Chrisley Net Worth

Todd Chrisley is an American television personality and businessman, and he is best known from the television reality series, Chrisley Knows Best, which is centered around his family life as well as his professional life. He is a well known Georgia real estate mogul who has not been shy about talking about the success of his business. However, he is in the middle of a bankruptcy case for $45 million, because of the case claims that he hid millions of dollars in his wife’s name. The estimated net worth of net worth of Todd Chrisley is -$5 million.


Michael Todd Chrisley also known as Todd Chrisley was born on April 6, 1969, in Georgia. He spent most of his childhood in Westminster, South Carolina and came from a family who lived in a small town. He and his brother used to spend a lot of time riding bikes together.


Todd Chrisley became well known in the entertainment world by appearing in several Television series. Some of the popular television shows he has made an appearance on, include, Steve Harvey and The Domenick Nati Show. His reality television show, Chrisley Knows Best, first aired on March 11, 2014. The centers around Chrisley and his family and even though he has confirmed his financial success, he has not gone into specifics about how his success has happened since his 2012 Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing.

Net Worth of Todd Chrisley

Even though Chrisley has made his name by being a well known real estate mogul in Georgia, his financial dealings has recently come under fire, because of claims of his hiding money under his wife’s name. After filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and with him being in the middle of a bankruptcy case, Chrisley has unfortunately hit a great downfall in his life. Todd Chrisley’s net worth is -$5 million, and it is has been reported that his real estate empire went sour.

Personal Life

Todd Chrisley married his first wife, Teresa Terry, after having an affair with her. The couple had two daughters, Lindsie Chrisley Campbell and Kyle Chrisley. The two divorced in 1996 and he married his girlfriend, Julie soon after, on May 25, 1996. They have three children together, Grayson Chrisley, Savannah Chrisley, and Chase Chrisley. Todd Chrisley’s children are involved in acting.


Todd Chrisley has worked over the years to be a top Georgia mogul in real estate, but his hard times has unfortunately come across in the media and everything that he is enduring is being seen publicly. However, although he has gone through the toughest times financially over the years, his family has always stood by his side and they have all come together to make it as a family. With the bankruptcy claim, he has held his head high and has continued to strive in greatness without letting his financial issues get the best of him, which is why he is looked up to by many around him. Todd Chrisley continues to fight, even in the hardest of times and is not only known as a fighter for his finances, but for the love of his family.

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