T.J. Jagodowski Net Worth

T.J. Jagodowski Net Worth

T.J. Jagodowski is an American comedian, actor, and improvisational performer, who is most known for his improvised acting in the long running Sonic Drive-In commercials. He has also made appearances on several television shows as well as films, including, Prison Break, Stranger Than Fiction, and The Ice Harvest. The estimated net worth of T.J. Jagodowski is $600 thousand.


Thomas James “T.J.” Jagodowski was born on September 2, 1971, in Holyoke, Massachusetts. He attended Syracuse University, where a vending machine fell on his leg and broke it in multiple places. After his leg was broken, the doctors installed screws and plates in his right leg, and informed him if he had come close to losing his leg to gangrene.


T.J. Jagodowski began his career in improvising in the early 1990’s. He started out on the Harold teams at Oi Chicago, an improv theater and training center. In 1998, he was cast in the mainstage cast of The Second City, known as the first ever on-going improvisational theater troupe. Jagodowski has been performing at the iO Theater since 2002, with David Pasquesi. At the 2009 South by Southwest Film Festival, the documentary, Trust Us, This is All Made Up, by Alex Karpovsky chronicled a T.J. and Dave performance. Jagodowski was named the best improviser in Chicago, by the Chicago Improv Festival. His love of performing has led him to perform every week in Chicago in various improv shows, with the most popular one being T.J. & Dave. This popular improv performance has been called, an hour of verbal development, subtle character, and pantomimic agility, by the Chicago Reader. The duo have entertained fans with this performance monthly at the Barrow Street Theater, in New York, since 2006. T.J. & Dave, has a been a performance enjoyed by many in Chicago every week since 2002. T.J. Jagodowski started appearing in the Sonic commercial in the “Two Guys” skit in 2004, alongside fellow improviser, Peter Grosz. Jagodowski was also guest on the NPR program, in 2013.

Net Worth of T.J. Jagodowski

Even though T.J. Jagodowski has become more popular because of the Sonic commercial is in, his respect in the world of improv is known far and wide. From performing at The Second City to performing comedy, Jagodowski, is a fan favorite for many. The net worth of T.J.Jagodowski is $600 thousand, and he owes much of his success to this career as an improv performer as well as his career as a comedian and actor.


T.J, Jagodowski has successfully made a name for himself as being an improv performer and comedian and has shown others that entertaining others does not just have to be in film. He continues to strive to be well known in the improv world and he has a passion that will continue to take him far. T.J. Jagodowski has become the guy that people love to see whenever a Sonic commercial comes on and his upbeat attitude during his performance leaves fans wanting more.

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