Timothy DeLaGhetto Net Worth

Timothy DeLaGhetto Net Worth

Tim Chantarangsu, famous with his professional name Timothy DeLaGhetto is an American rapper, comedian, actor, and a famous internet personality. His professional stage name comes from a character on the popular television series, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He is also famous with the name Traphik when he’s rapping.

Personal information

Tim was born on 6th March 1986 in Billings, Montana, United States. He has spent the majority of his childhood in Long Beach, California. He was dating Chia Habte since 2011 and got engaged to her on the July of 2017.

Net worth

Currently, this famous comedian and youtube sensation have an estimated net worth of $2 million.


His youtube channel has over 3 million subscribers and over 600 million video views. He also has a vlog channel, a music channel and a style channel.he is a regular performer on MTV2’s improvisation show, “Wild ‘N Out”, hosted by actor and TV personality, Nick Cannon. He has also worked with famous stars like Andrew Garcia and Chris miles. Since 2010 Tim has taken over 40 different roles in acting industry.

Life history

Born in Billings, till the age of 9 he has stayed in California and later moved on to Paramount, Los Angeles. There his family opened a Thai restaurant. Ever since his childhood, the entertainment industry fascinated him a lot. While he was in junior high school he did freestyle as a hobby. As a teen in paramount high school, he would do rap battles with his classmates. After his graduation, he attended California State University but left ultimately in order to pursue a career in the entertainment field.

Despite having his eyes set on his goals, and a heart full of determination realizing his dream proved not to be an easy task for him before he could establish himself in the entertainment industry he took a number of odd jobs. He also worked at California pizza kitchen, however, was later fired for abusing its uniform on Twitter.


He recorded his first song when he was eighteen years old.he made himself known as a rapper with his debut mixtape, the first mixtape in 2006. Since its release, it has been downloaded for over 300,000 times.his other mixtapes are Will Rap for Food(2007), Mixedtape(2011), Cruise Control(2012), No Jokes(2014) and the album Rush Hour in 2009. He also came up with a number of singles including Charlie Sheen, Magnetic, and Airplanes & Terminals.

The unseen side

Tim says when he is not working he just likes to chill with family and friends. Unlike the week’s routine every Monday he has dinner with his parents while their family-owned restaurant is closed. One of his youtube videos that became a sensation was ‘surprise for mom and dad- paying off the mortgage’ where he gives his parents a surprise by paying off their mortgage.

Timothy DeLaGhetto is an inspiration to the youths worldwide. His story tells us that if you are passionate about something and willing to do anything to achieve it, then no one can cross your way to success.

Timothy DeLaGhetto Bio Info

Born: 6 March 1986 (age 32 years), Billings, Montana, United States
Height: 1.63 m
Nationality: American
Full name: Tim Chantarangsu
Parents: Kongkiat Chantarangsu, Sukhon Chantarangsu
Also known as: Timothy DeLaGhetto,Traphik

Timothy DeLaGhetto Quotes

  • Back in the day, I used to do a lot of advice videos about sex and relationships. I think the young Asians, the ones that were in high school that felt shy and insecure, they didn’t have people they could talk to about sex and taboo topics, so they would write to me. – Timothy DeLaGhetto
  • Thai people are some of the most laid-back and hilarious people when it comes to sexual humor. – Timothy DeLaGhetto
  • The main reason I even started pursuing entertainment and making YouTube videos is because I was frustrated at how Asian dudes were always portrayed, if ever portrayed at all. – Timothy DeLaGhetto
  • My family never had a lot of money growing up. My parents were always working multiple jobs and I was that kid that was only allowed one pair of shoes every year. That’s probably why I spend so much money on shoes now. – Timothy DeLaGhetto

Timothy DeLaGhetto Videos on YouTube

Watch Timothy DeLaGhetto talk about his personal life, net worth, career, and more. Plus get a virtual tour of his crib. Enjoy!

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