Thomas Ravenel Net Worth

Thomas Ravenel Net Worth

Who Is Thomas Ravenel?
Thomas Ravenel is an American politician and State treasurer. He was born in the year 1962 on January tenth.

Thomas Ravenel Net worth:
The net worth of Thomas Ravenel is $2Million. He earns most of his wealth from his real estate company called Ravenel Development Corporation. Thomas lives at the Brooklyn Plantation that is an estate that he had purchased in the year 2006.

Thomas Ravenel Life History:
Thomas Ravenel was born in Charleston in South Carolina on 11 of August in the year 1962 to former South Carolina. Congressman Arthur Ravenel Jr. Thomas graduated from The Citadel in Charleston receiving his B.S. in the year 1985. He further went ahead to pursue his degree in M.B.A. from the University of South Carolina. During his M.B.A. he mainly focused his studies on real estate and finance.
Before he started for the office he had founded his commercial real estate company named Ravenel Development Corporation. Then in the year 2004, he ran for the United States Senate so as to seek the seat that was left open when Fritz Hollings had retired. In the Republican Primary Election, he came in the fourth position.
When Thomas had endorsed Republican Jim DeMint who won the Republican runoff and also the general elections, he was fined over nineteen thousand dollars by the Federal Election Commission for not properly filing the required forms for the election. Then in the year 2006, he again ran for South Carolina Treasurer in which he defeated nine-term state treasurer Democrat Grady Patterson. In the year 2012 Raven endorsed Ron Paul in Republican primaries. He is currently a part of the cast of Bravo’s Southern Charm.
He has also been a part of many controversies in the year 2007. In June he was indicted on the federal distribution of cocaine and the charges by US Attorney Reginald Lloyd. The charge that was filed stated that Thomas had purchased around 500 grams of cocaine through an intermediary in Charleston, South Carolina.
Governor Mark Sanford had suspended Thomas from his duties as a state treasurer when he came to know about the charges and Ken Wingate was appointed in his place. He had been volunteering for the Rudolph Giuliani presidential campaign and serving as the state Carolina state champion. But he resigned from the post after his indictment and the campaign eventually replaced him with Barry Win. Then on July 24 he also resigned as a treasurer. He was married for two years to Mary ‘Kay’ Ryan. He has two children with his girlfriend Kathryn Dennis.

Thomas Ravenel – Known For:
He is a politician and was a former State Treasurer and right now he stars on the Bravos Reality show series Southern Charm. He was an independent candidate for the U.S. Senate in the year 2014.
Thomas Ravenel – Political / Business Affiliations:
Thomas Ravenel has formerly supported the Republican Party but now he is Independent. He is also a member of the French Huguenot Church in Charleston.

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