The D.O.C. Net Worth

The D.O.C. net worth

Basic info
Tracy Lynn Curry, popularly known as The D.O.C is a rapper by profession and hails from the United States of America. He was born on June 10, 1968, in Dallas, Texas and is specialized in genres such as Hip-hop, gangsta rap, West Coast Hip-hop and G-funk. He is also a songwriter and a vocalist.

Net worth
The net worth of this famous rapper is roughly around 2 million US dollars. Most of his worth was earned from his music career. He has also acted in some films. As of now, he has released four albums of his own which are No One Can Do It Better, Helter Skelter, Voices through Hot Vessels and Deuce. All these albums contributed to his net worth.

Life history
He started off his career in rapping by becoming a member of the Fila Fresh Crew, which was a Hip-hop based group that has its origin in Dallas, Texas which is his birthplace. The group was short-lived and got disbanded, so he had to leave the Fila Fresh Crew. He then moved to Los Angeles and adopted the name The D.O.C. He then signed up with the Ruthless records and penned the lyrics for the debut album of N.W.A., Straight Outta Compton. In 1989, he released his debut album, No One Can Do It Better which was produced by Dr. Dre. The album did well and was equally accepted by the critics and held the position number 20 on the Billboard 200.

After five months of the release of his debut album, in the month of November in 1989, he met with a fatal accident which nearly killed him. His larynx got crushed in the accident and this changed his melodic voice. Doctors were of the opinion that he cannot perform like he used to as his voice has changed and there was severe damage to the larynx. But he continued performing with his producer Dr. Dre and also started collaborating with Snoop Dogg.

After the accident, he continued penning the lyrics for N.W.A and also tried recording minor vocals for Niggaz4Life. By 1991, he left the ruthless records as he was not getting paid and he along with his producer signed in for the then newly founded Death Row Records.
In 1996, he released another album Helter Skelter, which was considered as his comeback to the music world but the album did not garn much praise. In the December of 2006, he announced to the public that he was busy preparing his fourth album. He has released his biopic entitled Straight outta Compton and after the release stated that his natural sound has returned.

Known for
He is popularly known for his debut album No One Can Do It Better which was a success. He is also an expert lyricist and has written songs for the N.W.A. He has also associated with the Ruthless records and the Death Row records but had to leave the both due to low payment the authorities gave him.

Final words
The life of Tracy Curry or The D.O.C is an amazing and appreciable one. Even though doctors were of the opinion that he won’t be able to perform as he used, he still believes and struggles to regain his lost glory and his voice. Even after the accident he attempted to release his singles and continued working in the field as a lyricist. It was during the post-accident recovery period that he flourished as a songwriter.

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