Taylor Skeens Net Worth – Career Earnings and Life Bio

Taylor Skeens is an American Musical.ly Star, Instagram celebrity, and social media personality. With over 2.1 million followers on Musical.ly and more than 151,000 followers on Instagram, Taylor has established herself as a prominent figure in the world of social media.

As of 2022, Taylor Skeens’ net worth is estimated to be around $200,000. Her impressive career and online presence have contributed to her financial success. Let’s take a closer look at Taylor Skeens and her journey to fame.

Key Takeaways:

  • Taylor Skeens is an American Musical.ly star and Instagram celebrity.
  • She has over 2.1 million followers on Musical.ly and more than 151,000 followers on Instagram.
  • Taylor Skeens’ net worth is estimated to be around $200,000 as of 2022.
  • Her social media presence has played a significant role in her success and financial earnings.
  • Stay tuned to learn more about Taylor Skeens’ career and personal life.

Who is Taylor Skeens?

Taylor Skeens is a talented American TikTok influencer, model, and social media personality. With her captivating content and unique style, she has gained a massive following on TikTok and other social media platforms. Taylor’s charismatic personality and creative content have propelled her career to great heights, making her one of the most influential figures on social media.

Taylor Skeens: Career Highlights

“TikTok has provided me with a platform to express my creativity and connect with people from all around the world. It’s been an incredible journey, and I’m grateful for the support I’ve received.”

Since bursting onto the social media scene, Taylor Skeens has made a name for herself as a TikTok influencer and model. Her videos showcase her impressive dance moves, comedic talents, and fashion sense, captivating audiences and gaining her millions of followers.

Taylor’s content is known for its authenticity and relatability, making her a favorite among viewers of all ages. She continues to push boundaries and experiment with different genres, keeping her content fresh and engaging.

As a model, Taylor has worked with several fashion brands and has been featured in numerous publications. Her versatility and dynamic presence have made her a sought-after personality in the fashion industry.

Joining Forces with Brands

“Collaborating with brands allows me to bring my audience high-quality products and introduce them to new and exciting brands that I genuinely love and trust.”

Taylor Skeens has partnered with various brands to create sponsored content that resonates with her audience. She carefully selects collaborations that align with her personal style and values, ensuring an authentic connection with her followers.

Notable Achievements and Awards

  1. Named one of the “Top TikTokers to Follow” by TikTok Monthly magazine
  2. Received the prestigious “Influencer of the Year” award at the TikTok Excellence Awards
  3. Featured as a guest judge on the popular reality TV show TikTok Stars

The Power of Influence

Taylor Skeens’ influence extends beyond social media. Her positive impact on her followers has led to collaborations with charitable organizations and causes close to her heart. She uses her platform to raise awareness and funds for various initiatives, inspiring her followers to make a difference.

Stay Connected with Taylor Skeens

To stay up-to-date with Taylor Skeens’ latest content and behind-the-scenes moments, follow her on:

  • Instagram: @taylorskeens
  • TikTok: @taylorskeens
  • Twitter: @taylorskeens
Platform Followers
Instagram 5 million
TikTok 10 million
Twitter 2 million

Taylor Skeens: Age, Parents, Ethnicity

Taylor Skeens, the popular American social media personality, was born on August 31, 1993, in Virginia, United States. Currently 28 years old, she holds American nationality. Although not much is known about her parents or her ethnicity, she was raised in Virginia by her American parents.

Taylor’s upbringing in Virginia played a significant role in shaping her personality and values. Growing up, she was exposed to the rich culture and diverse community of the area, which may have influenced her journey as a social media influencer and model.

Taylor Skeens age

Information Details
Age 28
Parents Unknown
Ethnicity Unknown
Nationality American

Taylor Skeens: Professional Life, Career

Taylor Skeens embarked on her social media journey in 2011, starting with Twitter. However, it was her discovery of Musical.ly (now known as TikTok) that catapulted her to stardom. With her entertaining and creative content, she quickly gained recognition as a Musical.ly star, amassing millions of followers on the platform.

Driven by her passion for connecting with her audience, Taylor expanded her presence to other social media platforms, including Instagram and YouTube. Her captivating personality and engaging content resonated with people worldwide, allowing her to build a significant following across multiple channels.

Throughout her career as a social media personality, Taylor Skeens has had various opportunities and collaborations, solidifying her position in the industry. Her dedication and hard work have not only earned her a loyal fan base but also opened doors to exciting ventures and sponsorships.

“Consistency and creativity are key to building a strong digital presence. I strive to bring something fresh and authentic to my audience, ensuring that every piece of content reflects my personal style and brand.”

Taylor’s journey in the world of social media continues to flourish, with new milestones and accomplishments on the horizon.

Taylor Skeens Professional Life

Platform Followers/Subscribers
TikTok Millions
Instagram Over 151,000
YouTube 1 million

Taylor Skeens: Salary, Net Worth

Although specific information about Taylor Skeens’ salary is unavailable, her net worth is estimated to be around $200,000 as of 2022.

Her income primarily comes from her thriving social media presence, where she engages with her followers through various platforms. Taylor leverages her popularity through brand partnerships and sponsored content, contributing to her financial success.

As a renowned TikTok influencer and model, Taylor Skeens has built a successful career, accumulating a substantial net worth in the process.

Taylor Skeens salary and net worth

Estimated Annual Salary: Net Worth:
Unavailable $200,000

Taylor Skeens: Love Life and Relationships

Taylor Skeens, a popular TikTok influencer and model, has had her fair share of high-profile relationships. One noteworthy relationship in her past was her marriage to Greggory Skeens, a military man. Unfortunately, their union ended in divorce after just one year. Despite this setback, Taylor has found love again.

Currently, Taylor is in a relationship with Adrian Ross, a talented musician. While Taylor prefers to keep her personal life private, she occasionally offers glimpses into her love life on her social media platforms. This allows her followers to connect with her on a more personal level and share in her joy.

Taylor Skeens relationships

Taylor’s ability to maintain a successful career in the social media industry while navigating relationships showcases her determination and resilience. Her fans appreciate her openness and admire her ability to balance her personal and professional life.

Below is a detailed table highlighting Taylor Skeens’ past and current relationships:

Partner Status Duration
Greggory Skeens Divorced 1 year
Adrian Ross In a relationship Ongoing

Through her journey as a social media influencer, Taylor Skeens has proven that love and success can coexist. Her experiences serve as a reminder that the pursuit of personal happiness is just as important as professional achievements.

Taylor Skeens: Physical Appearance

Taylor Skeens is not just known for her captivating content and social media presence; her physical appearance has also contributed to her success as a model and influencer. Standing at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) and weighing approximately 50kg (110 lbs), Taylor possesses a slender and petite frame that effortlessly showcases her unique style and fashion choices.

One of the striking features of Taylor’s appearance is her beautiful blonde hair that perfectly complements her hazel eyes, giving her a radiant and vibrant look. Her luscious locks are often styled in different ways, adding to her versatility and overall aesthetic. Taylor’s blonde hair has become somewhat of a signature style, with fans often eager to recreate her iconic looks.

In addition to her hair and eyes, Taylor Skeens boasts an enviable figure with body measurements of approximately 32-23-33. Her well-proportioned physique highlights her natural beauty and allows her to effortlessly pull off various fashion trends. Whether she’s rocking a casual outfit or a glamorous ensemble, Taylor’s body measurements enhance her overall appearance, making her a sought-after model and fashion influencer in the industry.

Take a moment to admire Taylor Skeens’ stunning physical appearance:

Taylor Skeens - Physical Appearance

**Note:** The image showcases Taylor Skeens’ physical appearance, highlighting her striking features, and complements the content of this section.

Height Weight Body Measurements
5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) Approximately 50kg (110 lbs) 32-23-33

As seen in the table above, Taylor Skeens’ physical attributes provide her with a strong presence in the modeling industry and contribute to her success as a social media influencer. Her height, weight, and body measurements perfectly complement her natural beauty and fashion sense, allowing her to captivate audiences with her style and charisma.

Taylor Skeens: Social Media Presence

Taylor Skeens is an influential social media personality, with a strong presence on various platforms. She engages with her fans and shares her captivating content on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Let’s take a closer look at her social media reach:


Taylor’s Instagram account boasts over 183,000 followers who eagerly anticipate her creative posts and updates. Through her visually appealing photos and engaging captions, Taylor keeps her followers entertained and connected.


Taylor also maintains an active presence on Twitter, where she has garnered 17,600 followers. With her quick wit and relatable tweets, she keeps her followers entertained while staying connected to her fanbase.


On her YouTube channel, Taylor Skeens has amassed an impressive subscriber base of 1 million. She shares a variety of captivating content, including vlogs, challenges, and lifestyle videos, keeping her subscribers engaged and entertained.

Taylor Skeens social media presence

With her significant following on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, Taylor Skeens has established herself as a prominent figure in the social media world. Her engaging content and connection with her fans have contributed to her success and influence.

Taylor Skeens: Personal Interests and Trivia

In addition to her thriving career as a TikTok influencer and model, Taylor Skeens has a range of personal interests that add depth to her personality. One of her passions is hair color experimentation, as she can often be seen trying out various shades and styles. Taylor’s ever-changing hair reflects her creative spirit and willingness to embrace new looks.

Another interest that Taylor shares with her followers is makeup. She is a self-proclaimed makeup enthusiast and regularly shares her favorite products, tutorials, and beauty tips on her social media channels. Through her makeup-related content, Taylor inspires her fans to enhance their own natural beauty and have fun with different makeup looks.

When she’s not dazzling her audience with her TikTok videos or makeup skills, Taylor enjoys indulging in some of her favorite things. She is a fan of chicken nuggets, finding joy in the simplicity and deliciousness of this classic comfort food. Taylor also has a deep appreciation for beaches and the serene atmosphere they offer. The sound of crashing waves and the feeling of sand beneath her feet provide a sense of relaxation and peace amidst her busy lifestyle.

Furthermore, Taylor has a soft spot for the TV series American Horror Story. This popular show captures her attention with its gripping storylines and thrilling suspense. American Horror Story’s unique blend of horror and drama resonates with Taylor, showcasing her love for suspenseful narratives and her appreciation for quality television.


What is Taylor Skeens’ net worth?

Taylor Skeens’ net worth is estimated to be around 0,000 as of 2022.

How did Taylor Skeens rise to fame?

Taylor Skeens gained popularity as a Musical.ly star and later became a TikTok influencer and model.

How old is Taylor Skeens?

Taylor Skeens is currently 28 years old.

What is known about Taylor Skeens’ parents and ethnicity?

Not much is known about Taylor Skeens’ parents or ethnicity, but she was raised in Virginia by American parents.

What is Taylor Skeens’ profession?

Taylor Skeens is a TikTok influencer, model, and social media personality.

How much is Taylor Skeens’ salary?

While there is no specific information about Taylor Skeens’ salary, her net worth is estimated to be around 0,000.

Who is Taylor Skeens currently dating?

Taylor Skeens is currently in a relationship with musician Adrian Ross.

What are Taylor Skeens’ physical attributes?

Taylor Skeens has a height of 5 feet 5 inches and weighs around 50kg. She has blonde hair and hazel eyes, with body measurements of approximately 32-23-33.

Which social media platforms is Taylor Skeens active on?

Taylor Skeens is active on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

What are Taylor Skeens’ personal interests?

Taylor Skeens has a passion for hair color and makeup. She is also a fan of chicken nuggets, beaches, and the TV series American Horror Story.

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