25 Tall Male Actors Reaching New Heights in Hollywood

Many leading men tower over their co-stars on screen. Here are 25 actors blessed with height standing over 6 feet tall:

1. Liam Neeson – 6’4”

Liam Neeson’s imposing stature matched his action hero roles in films like Taken.

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2. Jeff Goldblum – 6’4”

Lanky Jeff Goldblum has used his 6’4” height for eccentric comic effect in movies for decades.

3. Chris Hemsworth – 6’3”

As the Norse god Thor, Chris Hemsworth stands tall and muscular on screen.

4. Keanu Reeves – 6’1”

Keanu Reeves’ lean 6’1” frame allows him to cut heroic figures in action flicks.

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5. Ryan Reynolds – 6’2”

Ryan Reynolds maintains a ripped physique to match his tall height in Deadpool and other action comedies.

6. Liam Hemsworth – 6’3”

Like brother Chris, Liam Hemsworth utilizes his 6’3” stature to play imposing hunks in films.

7. Armie Hammer – 6’5”

Armie Hammer towers over co-stars, using his 6’5” height to intimidating effect in films.

8. Dwayne Johnson – 6’5”

Hulking star Dwayne Johnson matches his muscular physique with a towering 6’5” frame.

9. Hugh Jackman – 6’2”

As Wolverine, Hugh Jackman appears beastly and bulky against his tall 6’2” stature.

10. Zachary Levi – 6’4”

“Shazam!” star Zachary Levi stands at a heroic 6’4” height.

11. Vince Vaughn – 6’5”

Known for comedies, Vince Vaughn’s intimidating 6’5” size adds humor when he plays tension against type.

12. Idris Elba – 6’3”

Idris Elba cuts a dashing figure on screen thanks to a strong 6’3” frame.

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13. Jason Momoa – 6’4”

At a muscular 6’4”, Jason Momoa emerged as a hulking Aquaman.

14. Clint Walker – 6’6″

Classic Western star Clint Walker towered over co-stars at 6’6”.

15. David Hasselhoff – 6’4”

Standing 6’4”, David Hasselhoff had the size needed to play a heroic lifeguard on Baywatch.

16. Dolph Lundgren – 6’5”

Towering over other action stars at 6’5”, Dolph Lundgren fought Sylvester Stallone in Rocky IV.

17. Will Smith – 6’2”

Will Smith’s action comedies play up his large 6’2” size for humor.

18. Sacha Baron Cohen – 6’3″

Using his 6’3” frame for comedic juxtapositions, Sacha Baron Cohen often plays insensitive buffoons.

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19. Ben Affleck – 6’4”

Ben Affleck’s imposing 6’4” stature allowed him to portray the towering Batman.

20. Chevy Chase – 6’4″

With a comedic physicality honed from his 6’4″ height, Chevy Chase famously portrayed clumsy characters.

21. Ashton Kutcher – 6’2”

Lanky comedian Ashton Kutcher stands 6’2”, using his stature for humor in films like Dude Where’s My Car?

22. Howard Stern – 6’5″

Radio icon Howard Stern’s towering 6’5″ frame makes him seem larger than life.

23. Brandon Routh – 6’3”

Brandon Routh assumed the role of DC’s Man of Steel with the required 6’3” heroic stature.

24. Dennis Haysbert – 6′ 4″

At 6’4”, Dennis Haysbert physically filled the role of President David Palmer on 24.

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25. Will Ferrell – 6’3″

Will Ferrell’s 6’3” size adds to the silly humor of playing awkward overgrown man-children in comedies.

Scaling the Heights of Hollywood

With imposing physical presences, these tall male actors stand out in any movie or show they appear in. Their height adds commanding screen presence.

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