Susan Bennett Net Worth

Susan Bennett Net Worth

Born in Clinton, New York, United States on 31st July 1949, Susan Bennett is a popular voice-over artist, known for being the voice behind Apple’s intelligent assistant Siri, which was released on October 4, 2011. She recorded her voice for some client back in 2005 but, as she claims, the purpose of the recordings was not made clear to her. Susan began her career as a voice artist in 1970 and has worked for numerous commercials and telephonic systems. She has also contributed to Delta Airport’s voice system and to many GPS systems in devices. She has gained considerable popularity since she revealed to the world that she is the voice behind Siri.

Net Worth:

Susan Bennett has been doing quite well over the years, with her career as a voice-over artist. However, since the revelation of her voice being used in Siri, she has been approached by many enterprises and overwhelmed by many contracts coming her way. Her net worth is currently under review and will be brought to light in the near future. Meanwhile, she continues to get used to all the dazzles of fame and be rewarded for the amazing talent that she has.

Life History:

Susan was born in Clinton, New York and went to Clinton Central School for her education. She graduated from Brown University in 1971 with her major in classics. She has been in a jazz band in the early days and was a singer with “Chattertocks” group. She also performed with some groups at Berklee School of Music.

Know For:

Primarily known for her contribution as a voice artist for Apple’s voice assistant Siri, Susan Bennett has also worked in many commercial projects giving her amiable and seemingly accentless voice to them. Her voice features in the Delta Airports like Amsterdam Schipol International, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International and John F. Kennedy International Airport among others. Her TEDx talk at Furman University earned significant appreciation as she revealed how she wasn’t ready for all the attention that she was getting after revealing her voice to be behind Siri and how she coped with her anxiety and reserved nature to come out and show herself to the world.

Business Affiliations:

Apart from her quite evident association with the tech world leader Apple, Susan has worked for a number of enterprises like CocaCola, McDonald’s, Discovery Channel, Delta Airlines, USA Today, Cartoon Network and many others. She has collaborated with many music productions like AcousTech, Jason Sound, Armadillo Audio and Doppler Studios and earned critical acclamation from them. Her website has her full bio and affiliations along with some really amazing demo voice samples you can hear.

Final Words:

Being chosen as the voice behind Siri was a turning point in the life of Susan Bennett, before which she had been doing decently good in her professional recording home booth. She believed in the ideology of getting out of her comfort zone and that is what encouraged her to break the stereotype of voice artists being invisible. She has been seen in many public gatherings, addressing people and telling stories about how she got accidentally famous and now flaunts of her voice being in every person’s hand, pocket or purse.

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