Stevie Nicks Net Worth

Stevie Nicks Net Worth

Stevie Nicks is an American singer and songwriter with a unique and mesmerizing voice. She is hailed as the Queen of Rock and Roll.

Who is Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks was born on 26th May 1948 in Arizona. When she was four years old, she began singing duets with her grandfather who was a struggling country music singer. She received a Goya guitar for her 16th birthday which encouraged her to play records. She was known to live in her own little musical world.

Stevie Nicks Net Worth

The net worth of Stevie Nicks is estimated to be $75 million.

Stevie Nicks Life History

While studying at Arcadia High School, Stevie Nicks formed her first band called Changing Times. She then joined Fritz band with her then-boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham. The presence of Stevie Nicks lifted the band and it became popular as a live act. Stevie Nicks went on to major in speech communication at the San Jose State University. She wanted to become an English teacher, but her passion for music made her drop out of college before the graduation.

In 1973, the couple released their album Buckingham Nicks with Polydor records. It was not a success and Stevie Nicks took to waiting job to make ends meet. In 1975, Buckingham and Nicks joined Fleetwood Mac to release successful albums. Stevie Nicks wrote Rhiannon which became a massive hit. She created her own stage persona with the help of designer friend Margi Kent. While Stevie Nicks was successful in her career, her relationship with Buckingham didn’t last long.

The song Dreams is the only Billboard Hot 100 single even today. In 1977, Stevie Nicks had an affair with Mike Fleetwood, but it came to an end pretty soon. In 1979, Stevie Nicks formed Modern Records with Paul Fishkin and Danny Goldberg to release her singles. Her first solo album Bella Donna was a huge success. In the next decade, Stevie Nicks successfully released several solo albums to become the most undisputed singer. She became addicted to Klonopin and tried hard to overcome her addiction. Stevie Nicks also worked closely with Fleetwood Mac, contributing to its great success. Even in 2017, Stevie Nicks continues to perform on various stages.

Stevie Nicks Known For

Stevie Nicks is synonymous with her Fleetwood Mac collaborative work. Her solo career has topped the charts consistently. She is one of the best selling music artists of Fleetwood Mac. With more than 40 songs in the top-50 list, she has sold more than 140 million records worldwide. Her soulful and symbolic lyrics earned her a spot in the Top 100 Greatest Songwriters of All Time. Rolling Stone also acknowledged her as one of the 100 Greatest Singers of All Time. In 1998, she got her spot at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She has been nominated five times for Grammy Award and she won once.

Stevie Nicks Political/Business Affiliations

Stevie Nicks has a charity foundation called Stevie Nicks’ Band of Soldiers. She has been the inspiration for a countless number of artists.

Stevie Nicks Bio Info

Full name: Stephanie Lynn Nicks
Born: 26 May 1948 (age 70 years), Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Spouse: Kim Anderson (m. 1983–1984)
Partners: Lindsey Buckingham (1969–1976), Mick Fleetwood (1977–1978), Don Henley (1977–1977), Jimmy Iovine (1981–1982)
Music group: Fleetwood Mac
Education: San Jose State University

Stevie Nicks Quotes

  • If you have stage fright, it never goes away. But then I wonder: is the key to that magical performance because of the fear? – Stevie Nicks
  • Most women would not be happy being me. People say, ‘But you’re alone.’ But I don’t feel alone. I feel very un-alone. – Stevie Nicks
  • I was not going to be a stupid girl singer. I was going to be way more than that. – Stevie Nicks

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