Sarah Hyland Net Worth

Sarah Hyland Net Worth

Sarah Hyland is famous actor from America. She was born on 24th November, 1990 in Manhattan, New York.

Sarah Hyland Net Worth
The actor is estimated to have a net worth of $9 million.

Life story
At tender age, Hyland was found out to have Kidney Dysplasia. She received a kidney transplant on April 2012. She got her father’s kidney. She has had 10 big surgeries to help her have a better health. Sarah Hyland is on anti-rejection medicines regularly. She is also on steroids so that her body does not reject the foreign kidney. These steroids have its consequences, like not being able to gain muscle mass and proper weight. She has also been on bed rest many a times even while shooting simultaneously.

Hyland dated Matt Prokop. He was her co-star from Geek Charming. In 2014, she got a domestic violence restraining order temporarily against him. She was verbally and physically abused for a minimum of four years of their relationship. In October, the temporary restraining order was tuned into a permanent one.

Known for
Sarah went to the Professional Performing Arts School situated in Manhattan. She has done small roles in movies like Annie, Private Parts and Blind Date. She is majorly known playing as Haley Dunphy on the award winning sitcom by ABC called Modern Family. She has received several critic acclaim for her work and many awards and nominations for it. She has shared four Screen Actors Guild award with the entire cast members.

She is also known to do movies like Geek Charming, Scary Movie, Struck by Lightning, Vampire Academy and XOXO, all done between the years 2011-2016.
On September 2012, she became a part of Nintendo 3DS ad campaign.

The actress has tried her hand in singing and has a commendable talent in this field. She has sung Closer which is originally sung by The Chainsmokers. This particular song gave her a lot of recognition and left people wondering why she hid this talent for so long. The Chainsmokers even tweeted in appreciation for their new rendition. She has also sung a song originally done by Maroon 5. She has immense talent in not jus acting but has above average singing voice. She has done Grey Gradens, her first Broadway show.

There were speculations that Sarah will be singing for the remake of the 1980s hit Dirty Dancing. She has in fact, sung Bob Dylan’s Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright cover along with J. Quinton Johnson.

Hence, despite being a household name as Haley Dunphy in Modern Family, her singing gig has astonished many of her fans. She has also done work in a project called “The Unauthorized Musical Parody of Scream”.

Her fans are eagerly waiting to hear her voice in ABC’s Dirty Dancing. The series shows performances by its entire core group. Despite her hardships in relation to her health, Sarah has emerged as a great artist not only in her acting forum but now in singing as well.

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