Sammy Hagar Net Worth

Sammy Hagar Net Worth

Sammy Hagar is an American singer, songwriter, guitarist, and entrepreneur. He is a commercially successful singer and later he ventured out to create business brands.

Who is Sammy Hagar

Sammy Hagar was born on 13th October 1947. He is famously called as The Red Rocker. He formed his band Fabulous Castilles at the age of 14. He then joined Johnny Fortune Band and several other bands as a guitarist.

Sammy Hagar Net Worth

The net worth of Sammy Hagar is estimated to be $120 million.

Sammy Hagar Life History

Sammy Hagar gained popularity when he joined the band, Montrose. The albums were successful, but Sammy Hagar had a fallout with the founder of the band. He started his solo career.

In the 1970s, Sammy Hagar was popular for his tours and recording shows. He enjoyed some success with Capitol Records. However, he felt that his image as the heavy metal guy was not used properly. Later, he went with Geffen Records. He then made his first biggest selling album. His solo songs were very well absorbed by the audience.

In the early 1980s, Sammy Hagar created a supergroup HSAS. Even though they released albums, the group was short-lived. Sammy Hagar’s association with Van Halen in 1985 to 1996 gave a huge push to his career.

In 1996, due to a dispute, Sammy Hagar departed from the group. Multiple reasons were rumored to be the cause of the split. After splitting from Van Halen, Sammy Hagar recorded several solo songs.

In 1993, Sammy Hagar formed his singing rock band, Los Tres Gusanos. The group was active until 1996. After a sabbatical, the group came together again in 2002. After some time, it was regrouped again in 2015. The artists have given several performances as a group. The band didn’t release any new albums, but their performance shows were a great success.

In 2002, Roth and Hager came together for the Heavyweight Champs of Rock and Roll tour which attracted a huge audience. People weren’t expecting to see the both of them together and it gave them immense joy. Later, Sammy Hagar teamed up with other guitarists for Planet Us. Later he rejoined Van Halen. They created the album Best of Both Worlds and took tours later on. However, the team split up again after Eddie’s alcohol addiction problems. Currently, Sammy Hagar is a part of The Circle and Chickenfoot bands.

Sammy Hagar was married to Betsy Berardi for 26 years. He has two children with her. In 1995, he married Kari Hagar and has two children with her.

Sammy Hagar Known For

Sammy Hagar has his own star at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Those who love hard rock and heavy metal will not be able to forget the musical knowledge of Sammy Hagar.

Sammy Hagar Political/Business Affiliations

Sammy Hagar endorses Yamaha guitars. Sammy Hagar founded Cabo Wabo Tequila restaurant chain and Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum. His business affiliations have nothing to do with the music industry. He is now a lead singer of The Circle and Chickenfoot.

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