Ryan Friedlinghaus Net Worth

Ryan Friedlinghaus Net Worth

Who is Ryan Friedlinghaus
Ryan Friedlinghaus is an entrepreneur who owns West Coast Customs. He was born in South California on April 22nd 1975. There is not much information about his childhood.

Work Profile
Ryan first worked in his father’s Liquor Store. He saved $5000 and invested the amount in his dream project West Coast Customs (WCC) in the 1994. He was just 18 years at that time. Quinton Dodson was also a cofounder of this enterprise.

Before he opened West Coast Customs, Ryan found admiration for his work when he customized his friend’s vehicles and skateboards. He also featured his work on automobile magazines at a young age of 14.

West Coast Customs is often described as the best automobile modification and customization Company in the whole of US.

The store opened in Laguna Niguel in Orange County. It shifted base next to Compton outskirts and then to Inglewood. Presently WCC operates from Burbank, California.

Shaquille O’Neal, Justin Bieber, A royal member of Dubai, Carrol Shellaby and Sean Combs are some celebrity customers of WCC. O’Neal was one of the earliest customers to customize his Chevrolet Suburban at WCC. He went on to get some 30 cars customized here according to Ryan.

He also helped get more celebrity contacts for WCC.

WCC has also customized vehicles for brands like Microsoft, Chronic Tacos, Virgin and Nintendo. WCC has also designed vehicles for movies. Three Ford-F pick-up trucks customized here for the 2010 movie, The Expendables. Sylvester Stallone used one of them and later sold it in an auction for $132,000.

Ryan has also opened WCC Franchises around the world in countries like Germany, Kuala Lumpur, Japan, Russia, UAE, Malaysia and Mexico.
West Coast Customs and its owner have frequently appeared on TV. As WCC had many celebrity customers, MTV came up with an idea of reality TV show to showcase the automobile modification unit. The MTV show called “Pimp My Ride”, was born as a result and it was hosted by Rapper Xzibit was shot at WCC.

WCC has featured on Video Game called L.A.Rush.

West Coast Customs also featured in another Reality Shows called “Street Custom” on TLC and Discovery channel.

A new series started on Discovery HD Theatre called Inside West Coast Customs in 2011. The show ran for a total of 3 seasons, the second one in 2012 and then the final one in 2014. One of the episodes shows Ryan surprising his wife with their Mini Cooper car decorated with 80,000 crystals.

Controversies and problems
Though the company and its products have found high demand, ethical and moral problems arose regularly. Customers found new modifications that they did not order. There was delay in execution of Sales Orders. The workers also found numerous work difficulties.

Other ventures
Ryan is also venturing into the clothing and apparel business of late.

Known For
Ryan goes by the name Shady in his automobile customization unit.

Life History of Ryan Friedlinghaus
Friedlinghaus is married to Meagan Friedlinghaus and they have two children Ryan Jr. and Dylan.
Net worth of Ryan Friedlinghaus
Net worth of Ryan Friedlinghaus is $15 million earned via West coast Customs.

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