Russell Block Spencer Net Worth

Russell Block Spencer Net Worth

Russell Block Spencer is a well-known rapper and musician from Atlanta with a net worth of $10 million. He joined the music recording industry in 1997 with a record label that was based in the Houston area called Suave House Records. He invested in the ShoNuff Records label as well, which helped him connect to talents like Ciara and Jody Breeze. He eventually got his record label.

Career Experience

Russell began very early with his musical career as a producer and company management in the R&B genre. In 1997, he was the president of the record company Suave House Records, which was based in the city of Houston. Only two years later, in 1999, Russell was owner of another well-known discography: ShoNuff Records. This company in particular, which he shared one third of ownership, was responsible of the success of some renowned artists in the scene, such as Ciara and Jody Breeze, helping them to record their first albums.

The year 2000 saw him collaborating with no other than Shawn “Diddy” Combs, even with some big names the Warner Music Group and the professional Urban Wrestling Federation. In 2005, he paired up with Andrew “Gotti” Couser to form the indie and independent record label Block Entertainment, which was also responsible of major hits from artists like Yung Joc and Boyz N Da Hood.

His streak of success kept on for years and peaked high in 2009 when Block Entertainment signed a venture deal with exclusivity with the massive label Bad Boy Records, which was owned by the Warner Music Group. It was during this agreement that in 2011, the label released the album “King Kong” from the artist Gorilla Zoe, which debuted in position #56 on the Billboard 200.

But just as everything that comes up has to go down, Block Entertainment was not the exception to this rule: after signing a multi-album deal with Capital Records for the recording of the material made by Nitti Beatz, with whom they recorded the hit “Shut Yo Mouth”, Russell and his label had to face a major legal problem due to illegal distribution and streaming of multimedia content, incurring in a copyright infringement. The issue was originated by the website, which had a business model that allowed people to freely upload and distribute the musical content, which is a clear violation of the copyrights agreement that protect the intellectual property owned by Capital Records.

Even after this legal episode, Russell and his brand are still doing businesses and closing deals; nowadays, and thanks to the vast experience of Spencer, he is trying to focus the attention of the R&B industry into young artists and rising performers by launching their careers and building his business around their success, which has been an already proven formula for him in the past. After being asked about his ability to stay in the business for all of this years, with even legal problems on board, he has stated that the key is to keep reinventing himself, finding new and innovative ways to maintain his business running smoothly and, most important, legally and problem free. Thanks to his success in music management, his net worth is impressive: an estimated value of USD$10 Million shows how his persistence and constant business intuition turned him into a truly valuable name and brand in the industry.

Personal life

Russell is sadly one of those artists who are better known for the scandals they have been into than for their own music or artistic expression. Good thing is that we can know him better thanks to that, his personal life has been in the mouth of the media for a long time, especially for a not so good relationship he had with Kandi Burruss.

The well-known American artist, singer and actress, Kandi Burruss went hard on Russell after she stopped dated him and even harder when Russell reappear claiming of their son, Riley, after years of not being in contact with them.

She recently made a couple of statements for the TV Show the Real House Wives of Atlanta, emitted by in which acclaimed that Russell, her ex-boyfriend, had made contact with her again after the years. Back in the day, 14 years ago, she started hanging out with Russell after meeting him at the radio station but had to end the ongoing relationship because she realized he was still dating with her ex-girlfriend and mom of his other children, Kris Kelli. The episode was very heartbreaking for the girls supporting Kandi and very shocking in general as she was in tears while answering the television presenter’s questions knowing that Russell was never a father for Riley, according to her.

What is remarkable here is that, when she breaks up with him, she was already pregnant, the girl who ended to be the result of such short relationship between Kandi and Russell. Kandi moved on and now is married to her husband Todd Tucker, with whom she has another son. And what get worst this case is that Russell reached her again despite the fact she already has a family, making it doubly hard for her and for Todd, proud parents of Ace Wells Tucker. Russell stated that he had come back as a suggestion from his former girlfriend, Kelli, telling him that she should spend more time with her daughter, even after all the years. It was a really live scandal with everyone involved in the front of the camera.

Returning to Russell, he has been still in the eye of the hurricane due to this scandal in the TV show. Ironically, he is a spiritual person with a deep belief of God, putting him and his faith as a top priority in his life. His messages can be seen on his social network, such as Twitter or Instagram. Besides this, not too much about some workout routines or eating habits are known.


Actively promoting his brand in Instagram, Russell teases fans and followers with several announcements for albums with artists under his wing. As a proud owner and hard-working manager, he has been able to close some other important deals with corporations such as Sony and Nickelodeon. Even a trailer for his so called “comeback” was released in 2015, showing him as a hostage in a room full of actors dressed as soldiers and him in the center of the room wearing a bag on his head. After one of the soldiers reveals his face, he only says “I’m back”, showing that he is still on the business and plans to stay for a long time.

Russell Block Spencer Bio Info

Birthdate: March 1st, 1979
Birthplace: Georgia, United States of America
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: African American

Russell Block Spencer Videos on YouTube

Demitris on Covington Highway in Decatur, GA with the Eastside Chevy Rider himself, CEO of Block Entertainment, and newest VP at Sony Records – Block!!!

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