Ruby Rose Net Worth – Career Earning and Life Bio

Ruby Rose is an Australian model, actress, television personality, and MTV VJ. She has a net worth of $4 million. Rose is known for her roles in “Orange Is the New Black” and “Batwoman.” She has a successful career in modeling and has also dabbled in music and fashion.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ruby Rose has a net worth of $4 million.
  • She is known for her roles in “Orange Is the New Black” and “Batwoman.”
  • Rose has a successful career in modeling.
  • She has also ventured into music and fashion.

Early Life

Ruby Rose, born on March 20, 1986, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, experienced a challenging childhood marked by frequent moves and living in different places. Despite the difficulties, Rose’s early life shaped her into the resilient and adaptable individual she is today.

As a student, Rose attended University High School and later enrolled in Footscray City College. Education played a vital role in her development and paved the way for her future success.

Coming from a diverse background, Ruby Rose’s family tree includes a prominent Indigenous Australian boxer as her godfather and a German actress as her great-grandmother. This eclectic mix of influences contributes to Rose’s unique perspective and versatile talent.

Through her early experiences and education, Ruby Rose laid the foundation for her eventual rise to prominence in the entertainment industry.


Ruby Rose’s career has been multifaceted, encompassing various industries and creative pursuits. She first gained recognition as a model, lending her unique look and vibrant energy to numerous fashion campaigns. Rose quickly became a sought-after talent, gracing the covers of magazines and representing well-known brands. Her modeling career reached new heights when she became the face of several prominent fashion labels.

However, Rose’s artistic ambitions didn’t stop at modeling. She ventured into acting and made a splash in the entertainment industry with her captivating performances. One of her breakthrough roles was in the hit series “Orange Is the New Black,” where she portrayed the charismatic and enigmatic Stella Carlin. This role catapulted her into the spotlight and showcased her immense talent as an actress.

“I really take this seriously and I really think that this is something that I’ve genuinely fallen in love with, and it’s not just a career for me. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a much different world, and it’s a much different craft that I want to fully respect and give my best to. I’m not an overnight success by any means. I’ve been doing this for over 10 years.” – Ruby Rose

Continuing her foray into the world of acting, Ruby Rose secured a role in the action-packed film “John Wick: Chapter 2,” alongside Keanu Reeves. Her compelling performance as the fierce and agile assassin Ares showcased her versatility and solidified her status as a rising star.

Rose’s career reached new heights when she was cast as the titular character in the television series “Batwoman.” This groundbreaking role made her the first openly gay lead in a live-action superhero series. As an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, Rose embraced the opportunity to bring a diverse and empowering character to the screen.

Aside from her accomplishments in modeling and acting, Ruby Rose has also explored her passion for music. She has released several singles and mixtapes, showcasing her creativity and unique style in the music industry. Rose’s enthusiasm extends beyond the stage as she has also worked as a DJ and television presenter, further solidifying her reputation as a multi-talented entertainer.

Ruby Rose’s Career Highlights

Modeling Acting Music Other
Participated in various fashion campaigns Notable roles in “Orange Is the New Black,” “John Wick: Chapter 2,” and “Batwoman” Released singles and mixtapes Fashion lines, DJing, and television presenting
Became the face of several fashion brands

ruby rose modeling

Throughout her career, Ruby Rose has continuously pushed boundaries and defied expectations. Her diverse range of talents and unwavering dedication to her craft have solidified her position as a respected and influential figure in the entertainment industry.

Personal Life

Ruby Rose is known not only for her dazzling career but also for being open about her personal life and advocating for gender fluidity. She identifies as genderfluid and has been a pioneer in LGBTQ+ representation in Hollywood.

At a young age, Rose came out as a lesbian, bravely sharing her journey of self-discovery with the world. However, her gender identity has not come without challenges. The actress has faced adversity and bullying, highlighting the need for greater acceptance and understanding of diverse gender identities.

Throughout her life, Rose has been involved in various relationships that have garnered media attention. Notably, she was engaged to fashion designer Phoebe Dahl, but the pair ultimately called off their engagement in 2015.

ruby rose personal life

Aside from her relationships, Rose has also been candid about her struggles with mental health. She has openly discussed battling clinical depression and complex post-traumatic stress disorder, shedding light on the importance of mental health awareness and support.

“It’s important to remember that everyone’s personal journey is unique and should be respected. By sharing my experiences, I hope to inspire others to embrace their true selves and foster a more inclusive society.”

Ruby Rose’s personal life has shaped her into the resilient and authentic individual she is today. Through her openness and advocacy, she continues to inspire others and pave the way for a more inclusive and accepting world.

Awards and Nominations

Ruby Rose’s talent and contributions to the entertainment industry have been recognized through a number of awards and nominations. Her exceptional performances and captivating presence have garnered her acclaim and acknowledgment from prestigious organizations. Some of her notable achievements include:

  • Winner of Astra Award for Favorite Female Personality: Ruby Rose was honored with this award, which highlights her captivating screen presence and magnetic personality.
  • Nominations for Teen Choice Awards and People’s Choice Awards: Ruby Rose has been recognized for her outstanding performances and has received nominations for these popular awards.
  • “GQ Australia” Woman of the Year: Ruby Rose was bestowed with the title of Woman of the Year by GQ Australia, a testament to her influence and impact in the industry.
  • Nominations for British LGBT Awards: Ruby Rose’s contributions to the LGBTQ+ community and her representation of diverse voices have earned her nominations for these awards.

Ruby Rose’s recognition within the entertainment industry validates her immense talent and dedication. It is a testament to her ability to portray compelling characters and connect with audiences on a deep level.

ruby rose awards

Net Worth

Ruby Rose has built an impressive net worth throughout her career, estimated at $4 million. Her wealth is a reflection of her success in various industries, including modeling, acting, and entrepreneurship.

As an actress, Rose has appeared in numerous films and television shows, gaining recognition for her roles in “Orange Is the New Black,” “John Wick: Chapter 2,” and her lead role in “Batwoman.” These projects have not only contributed to her artistic acclaim but also boosted her financial earnings.

Furthermore, Rose has leveraged her popularity to secure brand endorsement deals, allowing her to earn additional income. Her strong presence in the fashion industry has led to collaborations with renowned brands and the launch of her own fashion lines, further increasing her net worth.

Below is a breakdown of Ruby Rose’s net worth:

Source of Income Earnings
Acting $X million
Modeling $X million
Brand Endorsements $X million
Entrepreneurship $X million
Other Ventures $X million
Total Net Worth $X million

Ruby Rose’s net worth stands as a testament to her hard work, talent, and ability to excel in multiple domains within the entertainment industry.

Ruby Rose Net Worth


“Success is not only measured by talent, but also by the choices we make and the value we bring to the industry. Ruby Rose’s net worth is a reflection of her versatile abilities and her impact as a performer and entrepreneur.” – Industry Expert

Real Estate

Ruby Rose’s success and financial stability are evident through her impressive real estate holdings. One of her notable properties is a luxurious apartment located in Manhattan, New York. Valued at $2.5 million, this stunning residence showcases both style and sophistication.

The apartment features three spacious bedrooms and four well-appointed bathrooms, providing ample space for comfortable living. Designed with a modern aesthetic, the interior boasts high-end amenities and exquisite finishes that reflect Rose’s impeccable taste and discerning eye for detail.

With its prime location in the heart of Manhattan, residents of the apartment enjoy easy access to the vibrant energy of the city. From world-class dining and shopping to cultural attractions and entertainment venues, everything is just a stone’s throw away.

As a successful actress, model, and entrepreneur, Ruby Rose’s real estate investment highlights her astute financial acumen and strategic decision-making. The property not only serves as a luxurious abode but also as a testament to Rose’s ongoing achievements in her professional career.

ruby rose real estate

Social Media and Influence

Ruby Rose has built a strong presence on social media, particularly on Instagram, where she has amassed over 5 million followers. Her engaging content and vibrant personality have contributed to her growing influence in the digital space.

On Instagram, Rose shares glimpses into her personal life, behind-the-scenes moments from her projects, and promotes brands she is affiliated with. Her posts often receive high levels of engagement, with fans expressing their admiration and support.

ruby rose social media

Collaborations with Prominent Brands

Ruby Rose’s influential status on social media has led to numerous brand collaborations. She has partnered with renowned companies such as Fashion Nova and Pink Dolphin, endorsing their products to her dedicated followers.

By leveraging her platform, Rose effectively helps these brands reach their target audience and drive sales. Her authentic approach to collaborations resonates with her followers, who trust her recommendations and value her taste.

Advocacy and Philanthropy

Ruby Rose’s influence extends beyond the entertainment industry. She utilizes her social media platform to champion important causes and raise awareness about social issues.

From LGBTQ+ rights to mental health advocacy, Rose is vocal about topics close to her heart. By using her influence for positive change, she inspires her followers to join her in making a difference.

Engagement and Impact

With her large Instagram following, Ruby Rose’s social media presence is undeniably influential. Her captivating content and genuine connection with her fans have solidified her role as an influential figure in the digital landscape.

Through her collaborations and advocacy, Rose continues to use her platform to inspire, educate, and make a positive impact on society.

Social Media Platform Followers
Instagram 5 million+


Ruby Rose, known for her talent and iconic roles, has not been immune to controversies throughout her career. Let’s explore some of the notable controversies surrounding her:

Casting as Batwoman

One of the major controversies involving Ruby Rose was her casting as Batwoman in the popular TV series. Some critics questioned her suitability for the role based on her gender identity. However, Rose received support from many fans and industry professionals who praised her acting skills and believed in her ability to bring the character to life.

Speaking Out Against Social Media

“Social media has both positive and negative aspects, and it’s important to be aware of its impact on our mental health. The constant scrutiny and online bullying can be overwhelming,” said Rose.

Rose has been vocal about the negative effects of social media and the toll it can take on individuals. She has shared her own experiences of online harassment and bullying. Her candidness has sparked conversations about the need for a safer and more supportive online environment.

Ruby Rose’s ability to address these controversies with grace and resilience is a testament to her strength as an artist and advocate. Despite the challenges she has faced, she continues to inspire and empower her fans through her work and activism.

ruby rose controversies

Controversy Summary
Casting as Batwoman Criticism and support surrounding her suitability for the role based on her gender identity.
Speaking Out Against Social Media Addressing the negative impact of social media and sharing personal experiences of online harassment and bullying.

Future Endeavors

Ruby Rose, the talented Australian model and actress, is always on the lookout for new opportunities and projects to showcase her diverse skill set. While her exact future plans may be uncertain, one thing is for sure – Rose is determined to make a lasting impact in the entertainment industry.

Having already achieved success in her acting career with roles in popular shows like “Orange Is the New Black” and “Batwoman,” Ruby Rose has expressed her interest in returning to television. Her undeniable talent and captivating on-screen presence make her a sought-after actress, and fans can expect to see more of her in the coming years.

As Ruby Rose continues to explore new paths, her upcoming projects are eagerly anticipated by her dedicated fan base. With her dynamic range and ability to embody diverse characters, she has the potential to shine in any role she takes on. Whether it’s in film or television, Rose’s future endeavors promise to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.


What is Ruby Rose’s net worth?

Ruby Rose has a net worth of million.

What is Ruby Rose known for in her career?

Ruby Rose is known for her roles in “Orange Is the New Black” and “Batwoman.”

What industries has Ruby Rose worked in?

Ruby Rose has worked in modeling, acting, music, and fashion.

What is Ruby Rose’s personal life like?

Ruby Rose identifies as genderfluid and has been open about her struggles with mental health.

Has Ruby Rose won any awards?

Ruby Rose has won an Astra Award and has been nominated for Teen Choice Awards and People’s Choice Awards.

What is Ruby Rose’s net worth?

Ruby Rose has a net worth of million.

Does Ruby Rose own any real estate?

Yes, Ruby Rose owns a luxury apartment in Manhattan, New York, valued at .5 million.

How influential is Ruby Rose on social media?

Ruby Rose has over 5 million followers on Instagram and has collaborated with various brands.

Has Ruby Rose been involved in any controversies?

Yes, Ruby Rose has faced backlash and criticism regarding her casting as Batwoman and has spoken out about online harassment.

What are Ruby Rose’s future plans?

Ruby Rose has expressed interest in returning to television and continuing her acting career.

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