Roy Jones Jr. Net Worth

Roy Jones Jr. Net Worth

Who Is Roy Jones Jr.?
Roy Jones is an American Professional boxer, Trainer, actor, and boxing commentator. He is also a former six times World Champion in four weight classes.

Roy Jones Jr.Net worth:
The total net worth of Roy Jones is said to be $45 million. Most of his earnings come from his career in Boxing and also his acting and singing career. According to some of the reports he had actually exceeded his net worth to more than $45 million in the year 2017.

Roy Jones Jr. Life History:
Roy Jones was born in the year 1969 on January 16 in Pensacola in Florida. His father Roy Sr. was more like a Marine drill instructor to his son and his mother Carol was warm and an easy going person.

His relationship with his father was not nice since he was a kid. His father used to be harsh and kept taunting him and also yelling and abusing him, sometimes for as long as twenty minutes which became more and more brutal as he grew up.
Some people found his father’s behavior to be right as to make Roy Junior strong enough to become a champion but he was always in fear of his father’s physical and verbal abuse. He says that he often used to think of killing himself as his father, as soon as he came home used to look for something that he might have done wrong.

He says he felt that he had been living in his father’s cage and because of him nothing bothers him anymore as he is aware that he will never face anything stronger and harder than he had already faced in his life.

In the year 2015 on September 12, he received a dual citizenship of Russia and America. He explained that he has to often visit Russia for his business work and a passport would avoid the inconvenience that he faces. But he is banned from Ukraine for this reason.

Roy Jones Jr. – Known For:
Roy Jones is best known for his Boxing career and out of total 75 fights that he had he had, he only lost nine of them and won the rest. He is a six-time world boxing champion in four weight classes. He is known for his athleticism, reflexes, movements, and speed.

He had also represented the United States in the year 1988 at Seoul Olympic Games and had won a silver medal. He started his music career as a rapper in the year 2001 and his first album was Round One- The Album and his debut single was “Y’All Must’ve Forgot”. In the year 1994, he was voted as the Fighter of the Year by The Ring Magazine.

Roy Jones Jr. – Political / Business Affiliations:
Roy Jones met personally with Russian president Vladimir Putin who gave a nod to his citizenship in Russia avoiding a five-year residency requirement.

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