Ronnie Devoe Net Worth

Ronnie Devoe Net Worth

Ronnie Devoe is a an American R&B and Pop group member of the popular singing group, New Edition. He is also a member of the singing group Bell Biv Devoe. He has made his name in the music industry ever since he was a kid singing R&B music and has been active in the music since the start of his career. The estimated net worth of Ronnie Devoe is $500 thousand.


Ronald Boyd “Ronnie” Devoe Jr., also known as R.D., Ronnie D, Ron, and Big Ron, was born on November 17, 1967, in Roxbury Massachusetts, to Florence and Ronald Devoe Sr. Ronnie Devoe has two younger brothers, named Robert and Roland as well as two stepsisters, named Regina and Tonya.


Ronnie Devoe started his singing career off, by being introduced to the musical group, New Edition, by his uncle, Brooke Payne, in 1980. His uncle was the choreographer of the group and before devoe became a member of the group, he was known as a bookworm who had previously sang with another group, called, the Dramatics. After joining the group, Ronnie Devoe helped choreograph the dance moves of New Edition as well as Bell Biv Devoe. In 1981, New Edition took second place at a talent show, which caught the eye of record producer Maurice Starr, who signed them to Streetwise Record Label. After being signed, New Edition became the biggest selling boy band group of the 1980’s. The group Bell Biv Devoe was formed in the 1990’s after the break up of New Edition, between Ronnie Devoe, Ricky Bell, and Michael Bivens. Their album, Poison, sold 5 million copies and in 1993, the group released their follow up, Hootie Mack. Ronnie Devoe reunited with New Edition. The group released the album, Home Again, and went on tour which ended in 1997. In 2001, he and the other two members of Bell Biv Devoe, released their third album, BBD. However, more recently, the trio released their fourth album, Three Stripes.

Awards and Acknowledgements

With huge success in the group New Edition, Ronnie Devoe saw the acknowledgment that he and his fellow group members received for achieving their goals and dreams of being well known singers. Their awards for the music, that made fans fall in love with their music has earned them many awards. Some of these awards include, the Lifetime Achievement Trumpet, the BET Lifetime Achievement Award, an American Music Award for Favorite Soul/R&B Band/Group/Duo, a Soul Train Music Award for Best R&B/Soul Album-Group, Band, or Duo, and a Soul Train Music Special Lifetime Achievement Award. Ronnie Devoe’s hard work also paid off in the singing group, Bell Biv Devoe. Some of the awards obtained by the trio, include, an American Music Award for Favorite Soul/R&B Band/Duo/Group, an American Music Award for Favorite Soul/R&B New Artist, an American Music Award for Favorite Dance New Artist, a Soul Train Music Award for Best R&B/Soul Album-Group, Band, or Duo, and a Soul Train Music Centric Certified Award.

Net Worth of Ronnie Devoe

Ronnie Devoe may have started his career as a child singer in a music group, but he has become one of the most well known singers of the 1980’s who made music lovers fall in love with love songs and keep that special place in their hearts for R&B. His name that started with the group new edition and the album, Candy Girl, is still one of the most popular songs still loved in today’s music. The net worth of Ronnie Devoe is $500 thousand, and he owes his success to his career as a singer in two of the most well known music groups of the 1980’s and 90’s.


Ronnie Devoe has become a well known name in the entertainment industry because of his contribution to music. However, even though he has lived his years being a famous singer from the 1980’s until now, his life is surrounded by the care and love of his wife, Shamari Fears and their twin sons, Ronald III and Roman. Ronnie Devoe will always be known as the heart of a musical group that made music lovers keep their hearts open for love.

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