Ron Jeremy Net Worth

Ron Jeremy Net Worth

Who Is Ron Jeremy?

Ron Jeremy is the stage name for Ronald Jeremy Hyatt. He is an American pornographic actor, standup comedian, and a director who was born on March 12 in the year 1953.

Ron Jeremy Net worth:

The net worth of Ron Jeremy is $6 Million in the year 2017. His earning from the 2007 Crazy Animal alone was of about $4,000,000.

Ron Jeremy Life History:

Ron Jeremy was born in the year 1953 in March on the 12th, in Queens, New York. He was brought up in a middle-class Jewish family. His mother was a book editor who also happened to serve in the O.S.S during the Second World War as she was fluent in French and German both. His father Arnold was a physicist. Ron left his teaching profession to follow his acting career on Broadway which was also his struggling days. His then his girlfriend submitted his photo to the Playgirl magazine and started getting work.

Ron Jeremy – Known For:

Ron is mainly known for his work in the porn industry. He was also named Hedgehog and was ranked at the first position by AVN in their top 50 Porn Stars of all time lists. He has also made a number of non-pornographic television and movie appearances. Scott J. Gill who is a director even filmed a documentary about him which was named “Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy” in the year 2001. He also has his name in the Guinness book of world records for most appearances in adult films which are about 2000 and he also has directed 285. His work for the porn industry has led him to earn a spot on the Adult Star Path of Fame which is located in New Jersey’s Edison.

Ron was also seen as a playable character in the Celebrity Deathmatch which is a video game and he gives tips and advice to the main character in it.

Apart from his work in the porn industry, he has also worked outside it in movies like 91/2 weeks which came in the year 1986 and he played the role of a special consultant. He played a role as himself in a comedy movie “Finishing the Game” in 2007. He was also seen in a number of music videos like My Darkest Days Canadian rock band for the song “Casual Sex”.

Ron Jeremy – Political / Business Affiliations:

Ron Jeremy, because of his all around the world celebrity status has posed for an advertisement for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) so as to raise awareness amongst people for the overpopulation of domesticated animals. In the year 2007, he released his memoir which was named “Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz” which was published by Harper Collins. He and his business partner Paul Smith had opened Ron Jeremy’s Club Sesso which is basically a swinger’s nightclub and is located in downtown Portland, Oregon. He was also involved in the marketing of a line of rum which was named “Ron de Jeremy”.

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