Rob Lowe Height – How Tall is Rob Lowe?

Rob Lowe is a true Hollywood icon, captivating audiences with his timeless charm and remarkable acting talent.

Born on March 17, 1964, in Charlottesville, Virginia, Rob Lowe has become a household name, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

With his good looks, charismatic presence, and versatility as an actor, Lowe has established himself as a beloved figure in both film and television.

Throughout his career, Lowe has garnered a dedicated fan base, numerous accolades, and a reputation for his enduring appeal and undeniable talent.

Rob Lowe Height
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Celebrity Bio Data

  • Name: Rob Lowe
  • Net Worth in 2023: $100 Million
  • Date of Birth: March 17, 1964
  • Place of Birth: Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm)
  • Profession: Actor, Producer
  • Nationality: American

Celebrities Rob Lowe Has Worked With

Rob Lowe has had the privilege of working with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, showcasing his acting prowess and establishing memorable on-screen chemistry. Some of the notable celebrities Rob Lowe has worked with include:

  1. Martin Sheen – “The West Wing” (TV series)
  2. Bradley Cooper – “Wayne’s World” (film)
  3. Demi Moore – “About Last Night…” (film)
  4. Chris Pratt – “Parks and Recreation” (TV series)
  5. Emilio Estevez – “The Outsiders” (film)

Rob Lowe’s Height and Body Measurements

Rob Lowe stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm) and possesses a fit and well-maintained physique. His charming appearance and dedication to fitness contribute to his enduring appeal as a leading man in Hollywood.

Rob Lowe’s Height Comparison

Here is a comparison table showcasing ten famous personalities who share the same height as Rob Lowe (5 feet 11 inches or 180 cm):

Tom Cruise5′ 7″
Matt Damon5′ 10″
Hugh Jackman6′ 2″
Brad Pitt5′ 11″
Ben Affleck6′ 3″
Leonardo DiCaprio6′ 0″
George Clooney5′ 11″
Ryan Reynolds6′ 2″
Johnny Depp5′ 10″
Chris Hemsworth6′ 3″

Notable Career Work

Rob Lowe’s career is adorned with a plethora of remarkable performances that have cemented his status as a versatile and accomplished actor. Some of his notable career works include:

  1. “The West Wing” (1999-2006) – Lowe portrayed the character of Sam Seaborn in this critically acclaimed political drama series, earning him nominations for prestigious awards.
  2. “St. Elmo’s Fire” (1985) – He delivered a standout performance in this coming-of-age film, solidifying his status as a teen heartthrob and showcasing his range as an actor.
  3. “Parks and Recreation” (2009-2015) – Lowe charmed audiences with his portrayal of Chris Traeger, a health-conscious and optimistic character in this beloved sitcom.
  4. “The Outsiders” (1983) – Lowe’s role as Sodapop Curtis in this iconic film adaptation of S.E. Hinton’s novel helped launch his career and showcased his talent at a young age.

Rob Lowe’s Net Worth and Salary

As of 2023, Rob Lowe has an estimated net worth of $100 million. Throughout his successful career, Lowe has earned substantial salaries for his acting roles, endorsement deals, and entrepreneurial ventures. His talent and business acumen have contributed to his financial success and established him as one of Hollywood’s most enduring figures.

Rob Lowe on Social Media

Stay connected with Rob Lowe through his active presence on social media platforms. Here’s where you can find him:

YouTubeRob Lowe

Rob Lowe FAQ

1. Has Rob Lowe received any awards for his performances? Yes, Rob Lowe has been recognized for his exceptional talent and has received several prestigious awards throughout his career, including Golden Globe nominations and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

2. Is Rob Lowe involved in any philanthropic activities? Yes, Rob Lowe is actively involved in philanthropic endeavors. He has supported various charities and causes, including those related to cancer research, environmental conservation, and veterans’ support.

3. Does Rob Lowe have any upcoming projects? Rob Lowe’s career remains vibrant, and he continues to take on exciting projects. While specific details about upcoming ventures may not be readily available, fans can look forward to his future appearances on both the big and small screens.

4. Does Rob Lowe have any other talents besides acting? In addition to his acting career, Rob Lowe is an accomplished author. He has written several books, including memoirs and a series of fiction novels.

5. Has Rob Lowe ever been involved in any controversies? Rob Lowe has experienced ups and downs throughout his career, including controversies in the past. However, he has managed to overcome those challenges and maintain a successful and respected presence in the industry.

Rob Lowe Summary

Rob Lowe’s enduring charm, remarkable talent, and diverse range of performances have solidified his position as a beloved Hollywood icon.

With a net worth of $100 million, Lowe’s success in the entertainment industry is a testament to his versatility and dedication to his craft.

As he continues to captivate audiences with his charismatic presence, fans eagerly anticipate Rob Lowe’s future projects and celebrate his immense contributions to the world of film and television.

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