Rico Recklezz Net Worth

Rico Recklezz Net Worth

Who Is Rico Recklezz?

Rico Recklezz is an American rapper, drill rapper. He was born on June 21 in the year 1991 in Chicago Illinois in the United States of America. His real name is Ronnie Ramsey.

Rico Recklezz Net worth:

Rico Recklezz net worth is about $250,000. His net worth is increasing at a high rate as his net worth in the year 2016 was $200,000.

Rico Recklezz Life History:

Rico Recklezz real name is Ronnie Ramsey was born in Chicago Illinois on June 21 in the year 1991. He is from 35th and Lake park which is the Low-end area. He is affiliated with a black P stone stronghold.

Rico has two children of which one is a daughter and one son. He rather likes to give details about the immoral behaviors of the world that they are exposed to rather than hide it from his children them. He was arrested in the year 2013 for unlawful use of a weapon.

He was filming a video with real guns in Englewood, Chicago when police were informed and they arrested Rico along with Sheldon Cobb, and Ray von Lollis. Recklezz in his name is spelled with 2 Zs towards the end because he says and we quote “I’m Rico Recklezz man, with 2 zz cause I’ll put a n*gga to sleep real quick.”

In the year 2016 in November Soulja Boy had placed a whopping $100,000 bounty on Rico’s head. But it is said that he was backing off from the death threat. Apparently, he had got a video of somebody in Rico’s team who was face timing with Soulja Boy in California.

They had a dirty fight over twitter which was seen by the whole world. Rico has a number of videos on YouTube in which he is seen acting out like punching random people into showing off his handgun while he is still in school. Rico had also been in fights with one of his fellow rappers Kenny Red.
Kenny had said that he robbed Rico on twitter although initially, Rico had denied all of Kenny’s claims he had later made some tweets that hinted that either he or someone in his close associations had been robbed.

Rico Recklezz – Known For:

Rico Recklezz is basically famous for his career as a professional American rapper. He has produced a number of mixtapes which include ‘Recklezz Conduct’, ‘Battlefield’, ‘Rico Don’t Shoot Em’ and ‘Realer than Wordz’ among many.

Rico had been working very hard on his videos and his latest video “Jail Thoughts”. In the video, he is been masked up in a green room and he starts on a spiritual note. In the year 2017 December, he had released a mixtape called Big Reclklezz which was quite a hit.

Rico Recklezz Political / Business Affiliations:

He is associated with Ayoo Kd as both of them are drill rappers by profession and belong to Chicago.

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