Top 25 Richest DJs in the World 2018

How much do DJs make? Is it possible to live large spinning the hits that others record? Sure, it is! With this list of the Top 25 richest DJs in the world, you’ll see how having a knack to talk about music and spin the hits can add up to big bucks!

1. Calvin Harris’ Net Worth – $190 Million

At the top of our list is Calvin Harris, a Scottish DJ born in Dumfries, Scotland. He worked at different odd jobs in supermarkets as a youth to earn money to buy DJ gear and equipment. That patience has paid off. He now works as a roving DJ, singer, songwriter, and producer and lives in Los Angeles. He got the attention of Three Six Zero, a popular music recording group who wanted to work with him. This helped him get his feet in the industry, and he is currently worth $190 million.

2. DJ Tiesto’s Net Worth – $150 Million

DJ Tiesto‘s net worth is $150 million. He began his career as a teenage DJ at school parties and events and worked for several clubs in the Netherlands later to develop his skills and get experience. He then began releasing his songs which helped his rise to fame.

3. Swedish House Mafia’s Net Worth – $100 Million

Swedish House Mafia is third on the list of the richest DJs in the world in 2018. The group consists of Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Axwell. The group split up to do their own thing in 2012, but the results of their labors remain making them one of the richest DJ groups alive today.

4. Avicii’s Net Worth – $85 Million

Avicii‘s net worth is estimated at $85 million. He is a record producer and DJ from Sweden. His real name is Tim Bergling. He continues to delight his fans at concerts and party events. He signed with the Dejfitts Plays label in 2007 and released his first major hit, “Seek Bromance” in 2010.

5. David Guetta’s Net Worth – $75 Million

David Guetta‘s net worth is around $75 million. He is a French DJ, producer, and writer. He is also quite talented at remixing. His company is known as Gum Productions which he co-founded with Jean-Charles Carre’ and Joachim Garraud. He makes his wealth from a combination of public DJ events, concerts, and record sales.

6. Steve Aoki’s Net Worth – $75 Million

Steve Aoki is a successful American DJ and electro house musician. He is also known for his production efforts, and he is a music executive. He has produced many hits including the Billboard hit song, “Wonderland.” This song was nominated for a Grammy award in 2013. He is a philanthropist and enjoys using his skills to help raise money for global relief funds.

7. Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo’s Net Worth – $70 Million

France produces more than art. Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo has established himself as a French musician, singer, songwriter, and DJ. He’s also involved in peripheral projects such as movies and film. He is considered to be one half of the French house music duo, Daft Punk. It is a successful French music act that scores millions in sales. His net worth is currently at around $70 million.

8. Thomas Bangalter’s Net Worth – $70 Million

Thomas Bangalter is the second half of the above referenced French house music group known as “Daft Punk.” Like his fellow musician and band member, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, his net worth is about $70 million. He is also a singer, songwriter, and DJ, as well as a film director and producer.

9. Paul Oakenfold’s Net Worth – $65 Million

Paul Oakenfold has a current net worth of $65 million. He is an English record producer and DJ. He won two Grammy awards in the past and was also a World Music Awards nominee. He has other accolades to his name, as well, including being voted the number one DJ in the World in two different years (1998, 1999) by DJ Magazine.

10. Afrojack’s Net Worth – $60 Million

Afrojack is a Dutch-born disc jockey, as well as a remix expert and producer. He has produced several great hits and even records his music. He’s been featured in the Top 10 DJ list in the Top 100 DJs. He has an estimated net worth of $60 million.

11. Paul van Dyk’s Net Worth – $60 Million

Paul van Dyk‘s net worth is estimated around $60 million. He is a Grammy Award-winning DJ, producer, and musician. He won the “Top DJ” Award in the World in 2005 and again in 2006. This recognition helped put him in a small percentage of DJs that few have achieved. His real name, Matthias Paul was forsaken in favor of the more catchy, “Paul van Dyk” name. He has been successful under this stage name, and his bank account shows it! Van Dyk says he doesn’t want to lead people, but he does want to inspire them.

12. Armin Van Buuren – $55 million

Armin Van Buuren is a Dutch-born DJ as well as a record producer and mixer. He was ranked No. 1 DJ by “DJ Magazine” five different times for four years in a row. He ranked fourth in the same magazine for the Top 100 DJ’s list in 2016 and 2017. He has the philosophy that everyone is great in some way and has to follow their path to success. Perhaps this philosophy on life is partly responsible for his excellent record of success as well as his net worth which is currently valued at $55 million.

13. Deadmau5 – $53 million

Deadmau5 has a net worth of $53 million. His real name is Joel Thomas Zimmerman. He’s a Canadian record producer and DJ from Toronto. His awards include six Grammy nominations and other accolades, and he has worked with some other producers and DJs such as Wolfgang Garner and Rob Swire. Zimmerman has a fascinating philosophy as well. He stated that he was very unpopular at school and he was glad because it gave him more time to work on his own thing. He said that “the more popular you are, the less you follow other people’s thing and you can work on your own thing.” This viewpoint has apparently paid off for him.

14. Kaskade – $50 million

Kaskade has a net worth of $50 million. Born Ryan Gary Raddon, he is an American record producer, DJ, and remixer. His net worth is currently estimated to be $50 million in 2018. He loves listening to music and believes it to be an uplifting, spiritual thing. He compared dance music to spiritual hymns because of the way it brings people together in a “spiritual” albeit different way.

15. John Digweed – $48 million

John Digweed is an English DJ, actor, and record producer. He won the title of “World No. 1 DJ” in 2001, a coveted award that is granted by “DJ Magazine.” Now 50 years of age, he has already had a very successful career and has a current net worth of $48 million. Digweed believes that playing people’s popular music is not enough and that you need to play music that people don’t know yet. This philosophy makes him a promoter of new music as well as an effective DJ.

16. Skrillex – $45 million

Sonny John Moore (known as Skrillex), is an American DJ, singer, and musician. he is talented as an instrumentalist and can play several instruments. he has a unique style which sets him apart from other DJ’s and his net worth is estimated at around $45 million.

17. Judge Jules’ Net Worth – $42 Million

Judge Jules‘ net worth is $42 million. He is a British dance music disc jockey, producer, and entertainment lawyer. He also has a radio show that has become quite popular on a global level. He made the “No. 1 DJ in the World” list in 1995 by DJ Magazine.

18. Sasha’s Net Worth – $40 Million

Sasha‘s net worth is $40 million. He has gained his fame due to his work as a DJ, remixer, and producer. He was a Grammy award nominee and was voted “No. 1 DJ in the World” by DJ Magazine in 2000.

19. Tom Joyner’s Net Worth – $40 Million

Tom Joyner‘s net worth is around $40 million. She is a radio talk show host and the brains and talent behind the ‘Tom Joyner Morning Show.’ She is also the founder of the Reach Media, Inc. company and other ventures. Tom’s show has landed several prominent sponsors such as WalMart and Southwest Airlines. This has all added to his net worth.

20. Zedd’s Net Worth – $35 Million

Zedd is a German record producer, DJ, and music guru. His real name is Anton Zaslavski. He is a Russian-born DJ who grew up in Germany. This is where his career as a record DJ first began. At only 27, Zedd has racked up quite a net worth of $35 million.

21. Tom Griswold – $15 million

Tom Griswold is an American radio host and DJ with a net worth of $15 million. He has made his wealth and fame by working up the ranks in broadcasting in the late 70s and several radio stations. This gave him the background and experience to develop his unique style and personality that have provided him with a net worth of $15 million.

22. Steve Aoki – $14 million

Steve Aoki is an American DJ, record producer, and musician. He makes much of his money on tour across the country and makes appearances around the globe wherever dance music is appreciated. Pollstar named him the highest grossing dance artist in North America recently, and his net worth is around $14 million.

23. DJ Pauly D – $14 million

DJ Pauly D is an American MTV personality and disc jockey. He starred on MTV on the popular show, “Jersey Shore.” He made a three-album contract deal with 50 Cents and G-Note Records.

24. Jeffrey Sutorius – $13.5 million

Jeffrey Sutorius has a net worth of $13.5 million. He was born in the Netherlands and began as a part of the Dutch trance music project. He is a well-known DJ and musician who was named the 10th top DJ on the world.

25. Tim Westwood – $13 million

Tim Westwood is an English-born DJ and radio/TV personality with a net worth of $13 million. Born in Suffolk, England, he broke into the DJ industry in the U.S. during the 80’s. He made his debut in 1985. He has been a guest on the BBC program, “Meridian.” He has made his living working in the music and radio industry by showing his talents and unique personality. Though he’s close to the lower end of this prestigious list of richest DJs, $13 million is still no small step.

Great DJs for the Record Books

Well, there you have it: the top 25 richest DJs in the World for 2018. They all come from different backgrounds. Some were born and raised in the U.S. while others came from various other countries and sought legal citizenship in the U.S. These people are the true “dreamers” who came to the U.S. to work hard and contribute to the entertainment industry in a big way.

Regardless of whether they worked in broadcast radio and tv, live events, or tours, they have all done their part to contribute in a big way to the world of music and entertainment. This shows what people can do with nothing more than a dream and a plan as to how to get there. Each one took what they had learned when they were much younger and applied it to the real market. Whether they contributed as a producer, DJ mixer, or engineer, they all developed a unique style and talent that has paid off in a big way for them personally. Many also give back by helping with fundraising events and contributing to the efforts to make the world a better place.

These famous and rich disc jockeys worked hard to get to where they are today. And their fans appreciate their efforts, as their net worth shows. Their life philosophies show their level of determination and how they understood that working on their style and talents over the years would pay off. And it has. It shows what hard work can do for someone who is determined to be a hit. Think about how you can contribute your unique talents to the world. Perhaps you will be the next in our richest entertainers list!

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