Richard Christy Net Worth

Richard Christy Net Worth

Who is Richard Christy?
Thomas Richard Christy Jr. is a famous American drummer, actor, and radio personality. Richard Christy is best recognized for his performances as a drummer for numbers of heavy metal bands. He became famous in the early 90s. people recognize him by his tenancy on “The Howard Stem Show”. This famous personality was born on 1st April 1974. He already grew up an interest in the music especially for the heavy metal and rock music. When he was just 10 years old, he has started performing the drums. During his school times, Christy has already started playing in several bands.

Richard Christy Net Worth:
Richard Christy has a total estimated net worth of $200 thousand. Being a popular drummer in lots of famous heavy metal bands, Christy has earned a lot of money till date. From his very childhood, he has started to play in the bands. Christy has started his professional career in 1996. Not only a drummer, Christy is a multi-talented personality. He is also a famous radio personality and a stand-up comedian which helped him to earn his total wealth in this short time period. He also earns a huge percentage of the royalties and endorsements. Christy has also launched his own website a few years before.

Richard Christy Life History:
Richard Christy was born in Fort Scott, Kansas and grew up in Redfield. His father is a Vietnam veteran. When he was 4 years old, he became a fan of “Kiss and Metal Loaf”. After that, he became familiar with the heavy metal music when his neighbor introduced him with the band “Metal Health”. It made a huge effect on Christy’s mind. He used to save his pocket money to buy his favorite albums including “Stay Hungry” in 1984, “Powerslave” in 1984 by Iron Maiden. Christy started playing guitar in 1992. After listening to Van Helen’s “Hot for Teacher”, Christy decided to learn the drums in 1984. His parents supported him with the decision. During his learning period, Christy got inspired by the legendary drummers such as Dave Lombardo, Pete Sandoval, Frankie Banali, Bobby Jarzombek etc.

Richard Christy is known for:
Christy has started his musical career as a drummer in 1992 with one of his favorite bands “Public Assassin” from Missouri. When he passed the audition successfully, he then decided to join them and rather than pursuing musical course in a college in Kansas. In 1995, Christy has formed a band “Burning Inside”. To improve their potential, the band then relocated to Orlando, Florida in 1996.
Till date he has played associated acts with numbers of renowned bands including Acheron, Death, Control Denied, Demons and Wizards, Iced Earth etc.
Christy has played live with “Dream Theater”, with Coheed and Cambria he has performed “A favor house Atlantic”.
Richard Christy Political/Business Affiliation:
Richard Christy is not only famous for his drum performances, he is also worked as an electrician. He is a famous radio personality and is famous for “The Howard Stern Show”. On 24th April 2004, he gave his debut performance.

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