Ricegum Net Worth

Ricegum Net Worth

Rice Gum is a Social media phenomenon with 10 million web users subscribing to his channel.

Who is Ricegum
Ricegum was born Bryan Quang Le and assumed this username for his Youtube videos. Both his parents, Luat Quang Le and Quang Ly Lely are from Vietnam. He was born on 19 November 1996 at Las Vegas, Nevada.

Work Profile
Ricegum started his career by opening Twitter and You Tube in the year 2012.
He was at first into Gaming on You Tube. He later uploaded a video talking about playing a game called Modern Warfare 3. His first video was called “Call of Duty:Mw3 Gameplay LifeStory:BabySitting:RICEGUM” He worked with Machinima for a period in the year 2012.
His had 1.5 million viewers and 180,000 subscribers as the start of his career.
The You Tube series “These Kids must be Stopped” was his first popular video on the Internet. This video released on December 8 2015, criticizes four Youtubers from the app –
His subscribers soared with his YouTuber Diss tracks and vevo thumbnails.

Though “Content Cop” series made by another YouTuber named iDubbzTV reduced his number of subscribers, he is still holds on to a major share of his erstwhile subscribers.
Some of his top videos are “I Mailed Myself in a Box and IT WORKED!(Human Mail Challenge)(Almost DIED)”, “God Church”, “I Didn’t Hit Her (The GabbieShow aka Diss Track)(Official Music Video).”

He joined hands with Alissa Violet to make the music video “Its’ EveryNight Sis” that garnered more than 100 million views. This video reached the 80th position on the Billboard Hot 100 charts when it was released.

Another album “Fricka da Police” was ranked 5th in the “Bubbling under Hot singles Charts” in 2017.
RiceGum has also appeared in Rapper and fellow YouTuber KSI’s video called “Earthquake.” 38 million viewers have seen this video.

He formed CloutGang in the year 2017. Other members of this California-based Fan YouTube page channel are Alissa Violet, FaZe Rug, Ricky Banks, Sommer Ray, Ugly God and Carrington Durrham.
His channel had 10 million YouTube Subscribers and more than 1 billion views by the year 2018.
He has recently initiated a second YouTube channel called Ricegum Extra.

Life History
RiceGum is presently residing in FaZe’s place in Los Angeles. He includes Faze Adapt, Faze Rug, Faze Nikan and others among his circle of friends.

Known for
Ricegum is an Internet star known for his Diss tracks; YouTube videos and Internet uploads like vlogs, satirical skits and musical albums. He has also had his share of controversies. This is because of his criticizing of celebrities and Internet stars like Alabama Parker, Gabbi Hanna, The Odds1Out and Danielle Bregole.

Awards and Recognition
He was ranked 25 on the Billboard Emerging Artist Chart. His single “Its’ EveryNight Sis” was ranked in the Billboard Hot100 charts in 2017.
He had 1 million subscribers at the end of 2016 and by the year 2018, it touched 10.2 million.

Net worth of Ricegum
The Net worth of Ricegum is estimated at $2.5 million. His earnings are from uploads on the Internet.

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