Regina King Height – How Tall is Regina King?

Regina King, the exceptional American actress and filmmaker, has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry with her incredible talent and groundbreaking work.

Born on January 15, 1971, in Los Angeles, California, Regina King has garnered critical acclaim and numerous accolades for her captivating performances on both the big and small screens.

With her versatility, poise, and dedication to telling diverse stories, she has become an influential figure in Hollywood.

Let’s delve into the bio data and inspiring journey of this phenomenal actress and trailblazer.

Regina King Height
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Regina King’s Bio Data

  • Name’s Net Worth in 2023: Regina King’s Net Worth: $12 Million
  • Date of Birth: January 15, 1971
  • Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm)
  • Profession: Actress, Filmmaker
  • Nationality: American

Celebrities Regina King Has Worked With

Regina King has had the privilege of collaborating with numerous esteemed personalities in the entertainment industry. Some notable names she has worked with include:

  1. Mahershala Ali – Co-star in the film “If Beale Street Could Talk” (2018)
  2. Kerry Washington – Co-star in the TV series “Scandal” (2012-2018)
  3. Don Johnson – Co-star in the TV series “Watchmen” (2019)
  4. Chadwick Boseman – Co-star in the film “Black Panther” (2018)

Regina King’s Height and Body Measurements

Regina King stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm). While specific details about her body measurements are not publicly available, her grace and confidence on screen have garnered admiration from fans and critics alike.

Regina King’s Height Comparison

Here is a comparison of Regina King’s height with ten other famous personalities who share a similar height:

Celebrity NameHeight
Jada Pinkett Smith5 feet 0 inches
Shakira5 feet 2 inches
Natalie Portman5 feet 3 inches
Christina Ricci5 feet 1 inch
Emilia Clarke5 feet 2 inches
Mila Kunis5 feet 4 inches
Kristen Bell5 feet 1 inch
Vanessa Hudgens5 feet 1 inch
Sarah Hyland5 feet 2 inches
Rachel Bilson5 feet 2 inches

Notable Career Work

Regina King has delivered exceptional performances throughout her career, showcasing her versatility and depth as an actress. She has been recognized for her portrayal of strong, complex characters. Her performance as Sharon Rivers in “If Beale Street Could Talk” (2018) earned her critical acclaim and an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Regina King’s ability to bring depth and authenticity to her roles has solidified her status as one of the industry’s most respected talents.

Regina King’s Net Worth and Salary

As of 2023, Regina King’s net worth is estimated to be $12 million. Her successful acting career, coupled with her endeavors as a filmmaker, have contributed to her financial success. Additionally, her involvement in various projects as an executive producer and director has further enhanced her reputation and financial standing.

Regina King on Social Media

Regina King stays connected with her fans through social media platforms. Here are her official accounts:


Regina King FAQ

  1. Has Regina King won any awards for her performances? Yes, Regina King has received numerous awards, including an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and multiple Primetime Emmy Awards.
  2. What are some other notable films or TV shows in which Regina King has appeared? In addition to “If Beale Street Could Talk,” Regina King has appeared in projects such as “Ray” (2004), “Jerry Maguire” (1996), and the TV series “American Crime” (2015-2017).
  3. When did Regina King start her directing career? Regina King made her directorial debut with the drama film “One Night in Miami” (2020), which received critical acclaim and showcased her talent as a filmmaker.
  4. Is Regina King involved in any philanthropic activities? Regina King has been actively involved in various charitable initiatives, supporting causes such as racial justice, education, and women’s empowerment.
  5. What upcoming projects can we expect from Regina King? Regina King is set to direct and produce the film “The Harder They Fall” and will star in the TV series “The Boondocks” and the film “Shirley.”

Regina King Summary

Regina King’s exceptional talent, unwavering dedication, and trailblazing work have solidified her status as one of Hollywood’s most respected and influential figures.

With her captivating performances and commitment to telling meaningful stories, she continues to inspire audiences worldwide.

As both an accomplished actress and an emerging filmmaker, Regina King’s impact transcends the screen, making her a true force for positive change and representation in the industry.

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