Redman Net Worth

Redman Net Worth

Redman is a rapper, DJ, and record producer with an estimated net worth of $10 million. He’s known to his fans as “Funk DoctaSpock,” and he debuted his solo career with the album, “Whut? Thee” album which hit #49 on Billboard immediately after its release.

Life and Career

Never quite a superstar, Redman was nonetheless one of the most off-the-wall, beloved, and enduring rappers of the ’90s and 2000s. Born Reginald Noble in Newark, NJ, he made his initial impact on EPMD’s 1990 album Business as Usual and stepped out as a solo artist with 1992’s Whut? Thee Album, one of the year’s best debuts, rap or otherwise. He blended reggae and funk influences with topical commentary and displayed a terse though fluid vocal style that was sometimes satirical, sometimes silly, and always tough — an approach that rarely wavered throughout the remainder of his career. Each of Redman’s successive releases during the ’90s, including Dare Iz a Darkside (1994), Muddy Waters (1996), and Doc’s da Name (1999), went gold in the U.S. He was also established as a member of the EPMD-led Def Squad (initially known as the Hit Squad), which put together El Niño (another gold-seller) in 1998. Blackout!, issued a year later, solidified a longtime partnership with Wu-Tang Clan’s Method Man. The duo went on to star in the 2001 movie How High, a comedy made for weed smokers, as well as a less successful and short-lived television show (Method & Red) that aired nine episodes on Fox in 2004. Redman released only two solo albums, Malpractice (2001) and Red Gone Wild (2007) during the first decade of the 2000s, but he did close it out with Method Man via Blackout! 2 (2009). The MC’s seventh solo album, Reggie, appeared in 2010.

Redman Bio Info

Born: 17 April 1970 (age 48 years), Newark, New Jersey, United States
Height: 1.85 m
Full name: Reginald Noble
Also known as: Doc; Funk Doctor Spock
Labels: Gilla House Universal Music Group Distribution; Def Jam Recordings

Redman Quotes

  • It’s a cold world, better pack your own heat. – Redman
  • You know what makes me laugh? Good, clean, honest humor. Not-trying-to-be-funny humor. – Redman
  • I can see myself retiring from rapping, but I don’t think from music. After that, I think I’d just go into some other kind of music, ‘cuz I’m a worldwide fan of music, all types of music, all cultures, so I’ll always be involved. – Redman

Redman Videos on YouTube

Redman talked about how the 90s hip hop artists made it hard for older acts to come back out and now it is different with the new school artists.

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