Ralph Stanley Net Worth

Ralph Stanley Net Worth

Who Is Ralph Stanley?

Ralph Stanley is an American professional bluegrass artist. He was born on February 25 in the year 1927. His full name was Ralph Edmund Stanley. He expired on 23rd of June in the year 2016.

Ralph Stanley Net worth:

Ralph Stanley net worth is still under review. His wealth came from the contribution he had given to the musical industry. He started playing in the year 1946.

Ralph Stanley Life History:

Ralph Stanley was originally from McClure in Virginia in the United States of America. He was born on 25 of in the year 1927. His father was Lee Stanley and mother was Lucy Stanley. Ralph was born and brought up in rural areas of South West Virginia in a small town called McClure which was at a place called Big Spraddle.

Then in the year 1936, he moved to Dickenson County. As a child, he lived a very simple life and didn’t grow up with a lot of music at his home. His father although did not play any instrument but used to sometimes sing in the church and he used to listen to him keenly.

During his teenage around the time, he was fifteen or sixteen years old when he got his first Banjo which was bought by her mother which cost $5 back then. His parents had a small store and he remembered his aunt taking him out for grocery shopping. He learned to play banjo from her mother in clawhammer style.

His mother’s eleven brothers and sisters all could play a five-string banjo and as his mother used to play it in the neighborhood, he used to try to play it like she did but eventually developed his own style along the way.

He graduated from his high school on second of May in the year 1945 and was in the Army for a year. After he came back home he immediately started performing.

His father with Carter had picked Ralph from the station and at the time Carter was playing with another group, so before he could even reach home he sang with Carter on the radio. While he was giving a thought to study the veterinary sciences he decided to join his brother to form Clinch Mountain Boys in the year 1946. They became famous as the Stanley Brothers but after his brother’s death in the year 1966 due to complications of cirrhosis it all fell apart. He was very worried about the thought of playing alone but ultimately decided to go for it. That way he finally revived the Clinch Mountain Boys.

Ralph Stanley – Known For:

He is best known for his peculiar style of singing and banjo playing. He was also the part of the first generation of the bluegrass musicians and was also inducted into International Bluegrass Music Hall of Honor and the Grand Ole Opry.

Ralph Stanley – Political / Business Affiliations:

In the year 1970, he ran for the Clerk of Court and Commissioner of Revenue in Dickenson County.

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