Rae Carruth Net Worth

Rae Carruth Net Worth

Rae Carruth is a former American football player, who played the wide receiver position, before being convicted of murder. He played for the Carolina Panthers in the NFL, before being convicted in 2001. The estimated net worth of Rae Carruth is $10 thousand.


Rae Lamar Wiggins was born on January 20, 1974, in Sacramento, California. He attended Valley High School and later accepted an athletic scholarship to the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. During his sophomore year in college, Carruth impregnated his girlfriend at the time, Michelle Wright. After Wright gave birth to their son, Raelondo, she was forced to sue Carruth for child support, He was later testified against by Wright, for not paying at least half of what he was ordered to pay.


Rae Carruth began his football career in 1997, by being selected as a first-round draft pick for the Carolina Panthers. He signed a $3.7 million dollar deal for four years, at the age of 23, with a start as a wide receiver. His rookie year was very respectable, with him catching 44 passes for 545 yards and four touchdown passes. However, after playing for only one season, he broke his foot and in 1999, he sprained his ankle.

Net Worth of Rae Carruth

Rae Carruth’s future was bright until the unfortunate death of his girlfriend and baby’s mother was killed. His career with the Carolina Panthers was just taking off and he was even named to the all-rookie team as a wide receiver. Since being convicted, there has been numerous news stories and documentaries surrounding what happened to his baby’s mother, Cherica Adams, and his son who survived the shooting that his mother endured, has been raised by his grandmother. Rae Carruth is still known as the football player who had a his future ahead of him until he was convicted of murder. The net worth of Rae Carruth is $10 thousand. His career was on the uprise to something very successful, but unfortunately Carruth also made bad investments and along with him living a lifestyle which surpassed his monthly income, his finances suffered greatly.

Personal Life

The personal life of Rae Carruth was only known to the women he surrounded himself with. He was known to had dated many different women and even after impregnating, Cherica Adams, he still found himself dating other women outside of their relationship. Even though their relationship was called casual by Carruth, it was said that Cherica, had told family and friends that he had become very distant after he sprained his ankle. On November 16, 1999, Cherica Adams, was shot four times by Van Brett Watkins Sr., a nightclub manager and associate of Rae Carruth. After she was shot, she was able to call 911, and tell the dispatcher how she thought Carruth had something to do with her being shot. She also let the dispatcher know that he drove away. Adams was eight months pregnant and after being admitted into the hospital, the doctors performed a caesarean section on her to get the baby out. Her son survived, but unfortunately, he was born with cerebral palsey due to being without oxygen to the brain for 70 minutes and he was also born ten weeks early. Adams fell into a coma and died a month later. Her son’s name is Chancellor Lee. Although Van Brett Watkins Sr., was arrested for the murder, Carruth fled, but was captured in West Tennessee. He was found in the trunk of his friend’s car with $3,900 cash, bottles of his urine, candy bars, and a cell phone. With notes written by Adams to the cops, before she fell into a coma, she was able to let the cops know that Carruth had blocked her in with his car, to keep her from escaping. Rae Carruth was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder, shooting into an occupied vehicle, and using an instrument to destroy an unborn child. He was sentenced to 18 – 24 years in prison and is set for release in October 2018. There were also two other arrested besides Carruth and Watkins. Michael Kennedy, who was believed to be the driver and Stanley Abraham, who the passenger during the shooting. There were 25 people who testified on Carruth’s behalf.


Although Carruth’s career was bright once he signed with the Carolina Panthers, the unfortunate ending of his career, was because of the conspiracy he had conspired in to kill his baby and his baby’s mother. His name has been tarnished because of the greed that came along with the signing of the contract to the NFL. Rae Carruth will forever be known as the former football player who had the potential to be great, but failed because of the greed that took over.

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