Pollyanna Chu Net Worth

Pollyanna Chu Net Worth

Pollyanna Chu is the executive manager of the Kingston Financial Group, as well as two other well-known financial agencies in China. She is the 14th richest person in Hong Kong, and she has a current net worth of around $4.9 billion. She has made most of her money from helping others with establishing financial service plans.

Early Life

In 1958 Chu was born as Yuet Wah Lee in Hong Kong. Her father was Wai Man Lee. She grew up in Aberdeen, Hong Kong.


Pollyanna Chu moved to the United States at the age of 18. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Management from Golden Gate University and awarded an Honorary Ph.D. in Business Management by York University, United States.

Personal Life

She married her husband, Nicholas who she met while studying in San Francisco. She has one child named Kingston, who was born in San Francisco, but raised in Hong Kong. In Nov 2015, her son Kingston celebrated his wedding with Kelly Lo in Hong Kong.


Pollyanna and her husband Nicholas Chu became real estate investors on her father’s recommendation and moved to Hong Kong in 1992 to pursue the business.


Pollyanna Chu Bio Info

Born: 3 August 1958 (age 59 years), Hong Kong
Spouse(s): Nicholas Chu
Net worth: 5.9 billion USD (2018) Forbes
Parents: Wai Man Lee
Children: Kingston Chu
Education: York University, Golden Gate University

Pollyanna Chu Quotes

  • As a general rule, I am very passionate about any business that I engage in. – Pollyanna Chu
  • When I came back to Hong Kong in 1992, I decided to pursue a new career challenge. – Pollyanna Chu
  • In our eyes, the success of Franck Muller and Sincere is synonymous. – Pollyanna Chu
  • Taking a backseat role is not in my nature. – Pollyanna Chu

Pollyanna Chu Videos on YouTube


Here’s a YouTube video breaking down Pollyana Chu’s net worth.

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