Phil Jackson Net Worth

Phil Jackson Net Worth

Who Is Phil Jackson?

Phil Jackson was born on 17 September in the year 1945 and is a former American professional basketball player, coach and an executive in the NBA. His real name is Philip Douglas Jackson.

Phil Jackson Net Worth:

The net worth of Phil Jackson is $45 million. He has a home in western Montana which is a two-storied bungalow and has an estimated worth of about $4 million. He also has another house in the New York City that costs about $4.85 million.

Phil Jackson Life History:

His father was Charles and mother was Elisabeth Funk. Both of his parents were ministers in Assemblies of God. His mother came from a long line of German Mennonites before her conversion to the Assemblies of God.

The church in which his parents served, his father usually preached on Sunday mornings and his mother on Sunday evenings. After some time his father eventually became a ministerial supervisor. Phil with his family of two brothers and a half-sister grew up in a remote area of Montana in an Austere environment. In his house no dancing or television was allowed. He had not even seen a movie until he was a senior in High School.

He went for a dance for the first time when he was in college. When he was growing up he had assumed he would become a minister himself. Phil has five children and eight grandchildren. He got married to his first wife Maxine in the year 1967, but the couple got divorced in the year 1972.

He then married his second wife in the year 1974 but they also got divorced. He had also dated Jeanie Buss who was the daughter of Lakers owner Jerry Buss. They met each other in the year 1999 and the two had got engaged in the year 2013. But in a joint statement on Twitter in the year 2016 the couple declared the termination of their engagement.

Phil had admitted to the usage of Marijuana and LSD in the past. In one of his statements in the year 2010 he said that he did not believe that people that take marijuana should be imprisoned.

In the year 2011, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in the year 2011. He delayed his surgery until after the playoffs.

Phil Jackson – Known For:

Phil Jackson is best known for his use of Tex Winter’s Triangle offense and also as an holistic approach to coaching that is influenced by Eastern philosophy. Because of which he was nicknamed as Zen Mater. He had coached Lakers who had won five championships from the year 2000-2010.

Phil Jackson- Political / Business Affiliations:

Phil Jackson supports the Democrats. He supports a number of charities and foundations like Against Me. He also actively supports American Indian College Fund and Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

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