Petra Verkaik Net Worth – Career Earnings and Life Bio

Petra Verkaik is an American adult model, actress, and entrepreneur, best known for her work as a Playboy model. She has appeared in over 60 Playboy magazines and special editions, making her the most published woman in the magazine’s history. As of 2023, Petra Verkaik has an estimated net worth of around $900k. She earns her income through modeling, acting, and her own company, Pinup Girls.

Key Takeaways:

  • Petra Verkaik is a well-known adult model and actress.
  • She has appeared in over 60 Playboy magazines and special editions.
  • As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be around $900k.
  • She earns her income through modeling, acting, and her own company, Pinup Girls.
  • Petra Verkaik is a prominent figure in the adult entertainment industry.

Petra Verkaik: Age, Parents, Siblings, Family, Childhood, Ethnicity

Petra Verkaik, the renowned American model and actress, was born on November 4, 1966, in Los Angeles, California. At present, she is 55 years old. Although Petra has shared details about her birthplace and date, she has chosen to keep the identities of her parents private.

Her father hails from the Netherlands, while her mother originates from Bali, Indonesia. However, Petra Verkaik has not disclosed their names or any further information about them. Additionally, no information is available regarding her siblings or whether she has any.

Petra Verkaik’s ethnic background is a blend of Dutch and Indonesian heritage, reflecting her fascinating multicultural roots.

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Petra Verkaik: Education and Career

Petra Verkaik’s journey into the world of modeling and acting began with a different aspiration – a desire to pursue a career in acting. Despite her dreams, fate had something else in store for her. After modeling for a photographer in exchange for a headshot, Petra Verkaik was unexpectedly discovered by Playboy, propelling her into a highly successful career as a Playboy model.

In terms of her education, Petra Verkaik is a high school graduate who also took acting classes. While she had initially set her sights on a different path, her natural beauty and charisma led her to seize the opportunities presented to her. Her captivating presence has graced the pages of over 60 Playboy magazines and special editions, making her the most published woman in the magazine’s esteemed history.

In addition to her extensive modeling work, Petra Verkaik has also ventured into the realm of acting. She made an appearance on the popular television show “Married… with Children” and secured roles in films such as “Pyrates” and “Love Potion No. 9.” These experiences allowed her talent and versatility to shine through, further establishing her presence in both the modeling and entertainment industries.

“My journey into the world of modeling and acting has been an unexpected one. While I had initially set my sights on a career in acting, the opportunities that came my way in the modeling industry have been truly remarkable. I am grateful for the experiences and achievements I have had so far, and I look forward to continuing to explore new avenues in my career.”

Petra Verkaik Education and Career

Petra Verkaik’s Noteworthy Achievements:

  • Featured in over 60 Playboy magazines and special editions
  • Appearance on the television show “Married… with Children”
  • Roles in films such as “Pyrates” and “Love Potion No. 9”

Petra Verkaik: Net Worth and Earnings

Petra Verkaik, the renowned American adult model, actress, and entrepreneur, has achieved substantial financial success throughout her career. As of 2023, her estimated net worth stands at approximately $900k, a testament to her hard work and dedication.

Verkaik’s exceptional earning potential primarily stems from her diverse professional endeavors. Her role as a Playboy model has been a significant contributor to her impressive net worth. On average, a Playboy model earns around $48k per year, a lucrative income for their appearances in the magazine and associated events. Winning the prestigious title of Playmate of the Month brings an additional $25,000 in earnings.

“Winning the Playmate of the Year title is the pinnacle of success for a Playboy model, and Petra Verkaik reached that milestone with her exceptional beauty and talent.”

As the Playmate of the Year, Petra Verkaik received an extraordinary prize consisting of an additional $140k, along with the keys to a brand-new car and a motorbike. These earnings have further bolstered her overall net worth and solidified her position as one of the most successful Playboy models in history.

petra verkaik net worth

In addition to her modeling career, Petra Verkaik has explored other avenues to generate income. She has embraced acting opportunities, showcasing her talent on both television and the big screen. With appearances in popular shows like “Married… with Children” and notable films such as “Pyrates” and “Love Potion No. 9,” Verkaik has expanded her revenue streams and showcased her versatility as an artist.

Moreover, Petra Verkaik has taken on the role of a savvy businesswoman, establishing her own production company, Pinup Girls, in 1995. Through Pinup Girls, she produces videos and calendars, capitalizing on her immense popularity and utilizing her expertise in the modeling industry.

With her diverse array of income sources, Petra Verkaik continues to build upon her impressive net worth, cementing her status as a successful and influential figure in the entertainment world.

Petra Verkaik: Body Measurements

Petra Verkaik possesses stunning body measurements that contribute to her iconic image. Standing at approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing around 59 kg, she has an hourglass-shaped figure that has captivated audiences worldwide.

Here are Petra Verkaik’s body measurements:

Measurements Value
Bust 37 inches
Waist 24 inches
Hips 36 inches
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Bra Size 32I

These measurements emphasize Petra Verkaik’s naturally curvaceous physique, enhancing her allure and contributing to her successful modeling and acting career.

petra verkaik body measurements

Petra Verkaik: Social Media Presence

Petra Verkaik understands the importance of building a strong social media presence to connect with her fans and promote her work. She can be found on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Instagram: With an impressive following of around 8.2k followers, Petra Verkaik shares glimpses of her glamorous life, stunning photoshoots, and behind-the-scenes moments on her Instagram account. Followers get a closer look at her experiences as a model and entrepreneur.

Twitter: Petra Verkaik has also established a presence on Twitter, where she has a dedicated following of approximately 4k followers. On this platform, she engages with her fans, shares updates about her projects, and offers insights into her personal and professional life.

Through her social media accounts, Petra Verkaik has successfully cultivated a community of fans who stay updated with her latest endeavours and support her journey as a model and businesswoman.

petra verkaik social media

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Petra Verkaik: Personal Life and Rumors

Petra Verkaik, known for her successful career as a model and actress, has not revealed much about her personal life. While she is open about her professional achievements, she prefers to keep her personal life private. Despite this, rumors have circulated regarding her physical appearance, specifically her breasts.

There have been allegations that Petra Verkaik’s breasts are implants. However, both she and Playboy, the iconic publication she is associated with, have confirmed that these rumors are false.

“My appearance is natural, and I have never undergone any cosmetic surgeries,” Verkaik stated. “I take pride in my natural beauty, and it’s disappointing to see such baseless claims.”

It’s important to note that Petra Verkaik has not only denied these rumors but has also had the support of Playboy, who has stood by her side.

Throughout her career, Petra Verkaik has maintained a respectable image and has not been involved in any scandals or controversies. Her dedication to her work and professionalism has earned her the admiration and respect of her peers and fans alike.

petra verkaik personal life

Petra Verkaik: Business Ventures

Petra Verkaik is not only an accomplished model and actress but also a successful businesswoman. In 1995, she founded her own production company, Pin-Up Girls, which specializes in creating videos and calendars.

With Pin-Up Girls, Petra Verkaik has been able to explore her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, expanding her professional portfolio beyond modeling and acting. The company has carved out a niche in the industry, producing captivating visual content that celebrates the beauty and confidence of women.

Through Pin-Up Girls, Petra Verkaik has established herself as a visionary in the field, pushing boundaries and redefining standards of glamour and beauty. Her business ventures have not only provided her with financial success but also allowed her to empower and inspire others through her artistic vision.

Alongside her modeling and acting career, Petra Verkaik’s business ventures have showcased her versatility and ability to excel in multiple fields. Her dedication and drive have made her a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs and creatives.

Business Ventures Description
Pin-Up Girls A production company specializing in videos and calendars.

Petra Verkaik’s commitment to her business ventures reflects her ambition and determination to create a lasting impact in the industry. Her company, Pin-Up Girls, continues to thrive, delivering visually captivating content that resonates with a diverse audience.

petra verkaik business ventures

Through her entrepreneurial endeavors, Petra Verkaik has proven that she is not just a successful model and actress, but also a formidable businesswoman with an eye for creative innovation.

Petra Verkaik: Accident and Survival

In 1989, Petra Verkaik experienced a life-threatening accident while working underneath a Volkswagen van that suddenly fell off its jack. The incident occurred in the parking lot of the Playboy office, where Petra was modelimg at the time. Her quick thinking and her unique body attributes played a crucial role in saving her life.

According to reports, Petra’s breasts absorbed the impact of the falling van, cushioning her body and minimizing the severity of the injuries. This extraordinary occurrence showcased the remarkable resilience and protective capacity of the human body.

Fortunately, security guards and paramedics were immediately at the scene to rescue and assist Petra. They swiftly provided medical attention and ensured she received the necessary treatment. Petra’s survival serves as a testament to the importance of prompt and effective emergency response.

petra verkaik accident

“I am grateful for the swift action taken by the security guards and paramedics who came to my aid during the accident. Their professionalism and care undoubtedly contributed to my survival.”

The accident highlighted the potential risks that individuals involved in physical work and modeling may face. It also demonstrated the importance of safety protocols and measures to prevent accidents and mitigate their impact.

Petra Verkaik: Achievements and Recognition

Petra Verkaik has achieved remarkable recognition throughout her career, solidifying her status as one of the most published women in the history of Playboy. Her enchanting beauty and undeniable charm have graced the pages of over 60 Playboy magazines and special editions, capturing the hearts of readers around the world.

In 1997, Petra Verkaik’s incredible talent and allure were acknowledged as she received the prestigious Playboy Reader’s Choice Model of the Year Award. This accolade is a testament to her exceptional appeal and the admiration she has garnered from Playboy’s avid audience.

Further cementing her presence in the hearts of Playboy enthusiasts, Petra Verkaik was honored with the title of the sexiest Playmate of the 80s by the magazine’s readers in 2001. This recognition is a testament to her enduring allure and the impact she has had on the Playboy legacy.


What is Petra Verkaik’s net worth?

Petra Verkaik has an estimated net worth of around 0k as of 2023.

How does Petra Verkaik earn her income?

Petra Verkaik earns her income through modeling, acting, and her own company, Pinup Girls.

What is Petra Verkaik’s age?

Petra Verkaik is currently 55 years old.

Who are Petra Verkaik’s parents?

Petra Verkaik’s father was from the Netherlands and her mother was from Bali, Indonesia. However, she has not revealed their identities.

Does Petra Verkaik have any siblings?

There is no information available about Petra Verkaik’s siblings.

What is Petra Verkaik’s ethnicity?

Petra Verkaik’s ethnicity is Dutch and Indonesian.

What is Petra Verkaik’s educational background?

Petra Verkaik is a high school graduate and she also took acting classes.

How did Petra Verkaik start her career as a Playboy model?

Petra Verkaik originally wanted to pursue a career in acting but was discovered by Playboy after modeling for a photographer in exchange for a headshot.

What is Petra Verkaik’s main source of income?

Petra Verkaik’s main source of income is her work as a model, actress, and as the owner of her company, Pinup Girls.

What are Petra Verkaik’s body measurements?

Petra Verkaik has an hourglass-shaped body with measurements of 37-24-36 for her breasts, waist, and hips, respectively. Her bra size is 32I.

Is Petra Verkaik active on social media?

Yes, Petra Verkaik is active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Has Petra Verkaik been involved in any scandals or controversies?

No, Petra Verkaik has not been involved in any scandals or controversies.

What is Petra Verkaik’s business venture?

Petra Verkaik started her own production company called Pin-Up Girls, which produces videos and calendars.

Can you tell me more about Petra Verkaik’s accident?

In 1989, Petra Verkaik had an accident where a Volkswagen van fell off its jack while she was working underneath it. Her breasts were said to have saved her life by absorbing the impact of the falling van.

What achievements and recognition has Petra Verkaik received?

Petra Verkaik has achieved recognition as one of the most published women in Playboy history, appearing in over 60 magazines and special editions. She received the Playboy Reader’s Choice Model of the Year Award in 1997 and was voted the sexiest Playmate of the 80s by readers of the magazine in 2001.

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