Paul Rabil Net Worth

Paul Rabil Net Worth

Who is Paul Rabil?

Paul Rabil is an American professional lacrosse player with the New York Lizards of Major League Lacrosse. He was born on December 14, 1985 (currently aged 32) at Gaithersburg, Maryland in the United States. Paul is of Swedish heritage. He is the best midfielder lacrosse has in its history.

Paul Rabil Net Worth

Paul Rabil is considered a superstar associated with playing lacrosse in America. Paul Rabil is estimated to worth $300 thousand and earns an annual salary of $65,000.

He is credited to be the first ever lacrosse player ever to cross the most coveted million dollar mark, a milestone which many sports athletes want to achieve but few can cash in. Crediting his milestone are a brunch of endorsements with leading brands such as Red Bull, ESPN sports, New Balance. He even has a product line entirely dedicated to him which produces Polk audio, Nooka watches, EFX performance bracelets and Snap Fitness. He is also one of the few pro-athletes entitled to Chipotle’s celebrity card that guarantees his supply of free burritos.

Paul Rabil Life History

Paul was born on December 14, 1985, in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The sport which changed his life initially came behind his personal choices of basketball, but the scenario changed when Paul joined Demantha Catholic High School. He first tasted success at the young age of 12 years becoming four-time WCAC champion, a two-time All American and a Washington Post’s Player of the year. He continued his streak at Johns Hopkins University playing as a midfielder and awarded the national champion two times. He graduated with major in political science and a minor in entrepreneurship and management. He worked at commercial real estate business for a brief period after which he directed his talent at playing lacrosse.

Paul was signed by Boston Cannons and went onto win MLL and NLL championships. He has been awarded multiple MVP titles and Offensive Player of The Year awards. He is a regular face associated with the USA Team and has the coveted title of scoring most points in Maximum lacrosse history. In 2010, his team won FIL World Championship and also received MVP and Best Midfielder award.

He changed sides in 2015 shifting to New York Lizards earning him MLL Finals Most Valuable Player award.

Paul Rabil Known For

Paul Rabil is associated with the term” America’s lacrosse superstar” then one knows the popularity he has achieved playing this particular sport. He is not only devoted to playing but equally divides his time, plans and strategies with his fans. He is an impressive social media presence and was featured in SportTechie, one of the world’s most tech-savvy athletes. Paul is using social media to educate the people about the sport and his gesture has struck a chord as is impressed from the whopping 85000 Facebook fans and 75000 Twitter fans.

Paul Rabil Political/Business Affiliations

Paul Rabil has several business affiliations including his own venture Rabil Companies- Rabil Events which hosts multiple properties like Rabil Tour, the Defensive Academy and Goalie Training and investment firm Rabil Ventures.

Rabil ventures have collaboration with Funding Circle, Whistle Sports, mc10, Boom Fantasy and fox tales to name a few.

Final Words

Paul Rabil is one of the greatest players playing lacrosse and though he has an impressive record of awards and exquisite sponsors he has founded the Paul Rabil Foundation. Paul has also created the Rabil Tour where he trains young talents for the game by traveling nationwide.

Paul Rabil Bio Info

Born: 14 December 1985 (age 32 years), Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States
Spouse: Kelly Berger (m. 2014)
Sports: Lacrosse
NLL teams: Washington Stealth
MLL team Former teams: New York Lizards; Boston Cannons
Position: Midfielder
NLL draft: 2nd overall, 2008; San Jose Stealth

Paul Rabil Quotes

  • Character is what you do when no one is watching. – Paul Rabil
  • Being a part of the finesse and physicality of box lacrosse has been a great experience for me. I feel that I have learned and improved as an overall lacrosse player. Learning to adapt in tight space while reading defenders and offensive players has been the biggest improvement in my game. – Paul Rabil

Paul Rabil Videos on YouTube

If you want to know more about Paul Rabil, you can check his vlogs and other videos on YouTube!

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