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  • Top 25 Richest Singers in the World 2018

    Did you ever wonder why singers and performers are so rich? It’s hard to know the exact formula for success. But in this look at the Top 25 wealthiest singers in the world, you will get a glimpse into what makes them so wealthy. Each unique in their way, these singers have all proven that […] More

  • Richest YouTubers – List of Top YouTubers and their Net Worth

    YouTube is the most popular video platform in existence on the internet today. It is owned by Google, the dominant tech company located in Silicon Valley that dominates the search engine that people trust to locate relevant information. Many people have figured out how to draw a crowd through the YouTube search engine where people […] More

  • Top 100 Richest Rappers in the World Today for 2018

    What is it that makes a rapper famous, wealthy, or popular? Is it the music itself or is it the culture that seems to support itself through a secure network of musicians? Perhaps both are the key to success. When the music appeals to the people for which the music is intended, it resonates with […] More

  • 56 Self-Made Women Billionaires and their Massive Net Worths

    We hear a lot about male entrepreneurs who have made a fortune, even billions in wealth for their achievements. But what about female billionaires. Are there any? Of course, there are. In this post, we dedicate this article to the following 56 billionaire females who have carved out their niche to the tune of billions […] More

  • NBA Basketball Team Values and Net Worths

    The National Basketball Association was originally founded over 70 years ago. The wealth of the organization and its franchises has grown incredibly since its inception. The original teams were each founded with $10,000 in franchise fees. Their net worth has increased 100,000 times over since then. Over that time, the NBA has built one of […] More

  • 25 Cast Member’s Net Worth Starring in Marvel’s Infinity War

    Marvel’s Infinity War movie is coming to theaters on May 4. Critics expect it to bring in at least $225 million at the box office on opening weekend. The movie is expected to be a major hit, largely due to some of the powerhouse actors that are playing in it, such as Bradley Cooper and […] More

  • Net Worths of 16 Cast Members from Marvel’s Black Panther Movie

    The Marvel Black Panther Film: What Made it So Popular? Everyone is raving about the new hit movie, “Black Panther,” which made a smash due to its diverse cast lineup of talent that seemed more like a film that was written specifically for the actors than a script that was written and actors were picked […] More

  • Top 15 Richest Housewives on Bravo Today

    Who says you can’t get rich just being a housewife? BRAVO TV has empowered the spirit of staying at home and keeping the home fires burning with their list of top-earning housewives. Are they real housewives? This point is debatable but how do they make so much money just taking care of the house, cleaning, […] More

  • 11 Life Quotes from the Memorable Stephen Hawking

    Stephen Hawking was a Physicist who was born on January 8th, 1942. In addition to being known for his genius, theories on black holes, his visual and mental disabilities and the technology that helped him speak to the world through his computerized wheelchair, Professor Hawking will definitely be remembered long after his death. Inspiring Life […] More

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