Owen Wilson Net Worth

Owen Wilson Net Worth

Owen Wilson is a well known American actor, screenwriter, and producer.

Who is Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson was born on 18th November 1968. He went to New Mexico Military Institute and the University of Texas. He completed Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Owen Wilson’s brothers Luke and Andrew Wilson are also actors. Apart from being known as a comedic actor, Owen Wilson is also highly sought after for creating original screenplay.

Owen Wilson Net Worth

The net worth of Owen Wilson is estimated to be $45 million.

Owen Wilson Life History

Owen Wilson first debuted in movies in 1996 through Bottle Rocket. His association with Wes Anderson happened much earlier in his career. He co-wrote the scripts of Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums and they received Oscar nomination for best original screenplay. He was then cast in The Cable Guy. He took up minor roles in Anaconda and Armageddon. He experimented with the horror film The Haunting. He went on to star in Permanent Midnight and he got the lead role in The Minus Man.

In the 2000s, Owen Wilson’s fame continued to rise. He starred with Jackie Chan in Shanghai Noon and then acted in the successful film Zoolander. Then he acted in the action film Behind Enemy Lines. He also acted in Shanghai Knights, Starsky & Hutch, Around the World in 80 days and Wedding Crashers. He partnered with his brothers for The Wendell Baker Story. He gave voice for Cars, acted in You, Me and Dupree, and Night at the Museum.

Owen Wilson acted in another popular Wes Anderson movie The Darjeeling Limited and then in comedy movies such as Drillbit Taylor, Marley & Me, Midnight in Paris, and The Big Year. He is one of the prominent members of the comedic brotherhood, affectionately called as Frat Pack.

Deviating from the comedy genre, he acted in another thriller movie, The Coup. In 2014, he was cast in The Grand Budapest Hotel, Inherent Vice and She’s Funny That Way. The apparent friendship between Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller can be seen from the fact that both of them starred together in 12 movies. In 2007, Owen Wilson attempted suicide but was saved. He has two children with two of his girlfriends – Jade Duell and Caroline Lindqvist.

Owen Wilson is expected to revive his role in the Shanghai Knights sequel.

Owen Wilson Known For

Owen Wilson is known for his lighthearted performances in comedy movies. He proved that he is a versatile actor by acting in thriller films. His partnership with Wes Anderson has provided some good movies in the past few years. The duo comes up with the interesting screenplay for movies that focus on providing ultimate entertainment. He was nominated for several awards including an Oscar nomination for his screenplay as well as acting.

Owen Wilson Political/Business Affiliations

Though his charm, Owen Wilson became one of the most bankable actors in Hollywood. His screenplay and performance ensure that audience will get a good laugh out of an Owen Wilson movie.

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