Noah Centineo Net Worth – Career Earnings and Life Bio

Noah Centineo is an American actor with a net worth of $6 million. Through his successful career in television and film, Centineo has amassed an impressive wealth, making him a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Centineo gained critical acclaim for his work in television shows such as the family drama serial “The Fosters” and gained widespread fame for his role in the Netflix comedy “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.” These successful projects have not only contributed to his net worth but have also solidified his reputation as a talented actor.

Throughout his career, Centineo has earned substantial earnings from both his acting roles and brand endorsements. His talent and popularity have led to collaborations with several renowned brands, further bolstering his financial success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Noah Centineo has a net worth of $6 million.
  • He gained critical acclaim for his work in “The Fosters” and “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.”
  • Centineo’s earnings come from his acting roles and brand endorsements.
  • He is considered a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.
  • Centineo’s success has contributed to his impressive wealth.

Noah Centineo Assets

In addition to his net worth, Noah Centineo possesses various assets. He owns a house in Los Angeles, where he currently resides. Centineo also has a collection of cars, including models such as Ford Outlander, Mitsubishi, and Mercedes.

Having achieved considerable success in the entertainment industry, Noah Centineo has accumulated not only a substantial net worth but also an impressive array of assets. One of his notable assets is his sprawling house located in Los Angeles, reflecting his status as a Hollywood actor. The house serves as both a comfortable residence and a symbol of his personal achievements.

Furthermore, Centineo’s passion for cars is evident through his diverse collection. Among his prized possessions are a Ford Outlander, known for its rugged performance and sporty design, a sleek Mitsubishi offering a perfect blend of style and functionality, and a luxurious Mercedes, which exemplifies class and sophistication. These cars not only provide Centineo with reliable transportation but also showcase his discerning taste.

Noah Centineo Net Worth Growth

Noah Centineo’s net worth has been steadily growing over the years, reflecting his success in the entertainment industry. In 2023, his net worth is estimated to be $6 million. Centineo’s impressive financial growth can be attributed to his flourishing career in television and movies.

Let’s take a closer look at the factors that have contributed to Noah Centineo’s net worth growth:

1. Successful Acting Career

Centineo’s talent and dedication to his craft have propelled him to new heights in the entertainment industry. His breakthrough role in the critically acclaimed television series “The Fosters” showcased his acting prowess and opened doors for numerous opportunities.

2. Lead Roles in Hit Movies

Centineo’s portrayal of the charming Peter Kavinsky in the Netflix film “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” gained him immense popularity and further elevated his status as a rising star. His involvement in successful movies has significantly contributed to his net worth growth.

3. Endorsements and Brand Collaborations

As an influential figure in the entertainment industry, Centineo has garnered various brand endorsements and collaborations. These partnerships have not only boosted his income but have also increased his exposure and fanbase.

4. Entrepreneurial Ventures

Beyond his acting career, Centineo has ventured into entrepreneurship. He has been involved in projects related to fashion, film production, and social media marketing. These endeavors have provided additional streams of income and contributed to his net worth growth.

Noah Centineo’s net worth growth showcases his perseverance and talent in the entertainment industry. His journey from a young actor to a prominent figure highlights his dedication and ambition. As he continues to amass success, Centineo’s net worth is likely to grow even further in the coming years.

Noah Centineo net worth growth

Noah Centineo Biography

Noah Centineo, born on May 9, 1996, in Boynton Beach, Florida, is a talented American actor who has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. From a young age, Centineo displayed a passion for acting, and he embarked on his career at the age of 13.

Centineo first gained recognition for his roles in popular Disney Channel series such as “Austin & Ally” and “Shake It Up.” These early experiences paved the way for his breakthrough performance in the family drama TV series “The Fosters,” where he portrayed the character Jesus Adams Foster. With his undeniable talent and on-screen charisma, Centineo quickly rose to fame and became a household name.

What sets Centineo apart is his diverse multicultural background. With German, Italian, and Dutch ancestry, Centineo embodies a rich tapestry of cultures. This unique heritage, coupled with his ability to fluently speak multiple languages, adds depth and authenticity to his performances.

“Acting allows me to connect with people on a deeper level. It’s not just about entertaining; it’s about creating meaningful connections and telling stories that resonate with others,” says Centineo.

Noah Centineo’s journey in the entertainment industry serves as an inspiration to aspiring actors and individuals pursuing their passions. His dedication, talent, and magnetic presence continue to captivate audiences around the world.

Noah Centineo Biography

Birthdate May 9, 1996
Birthplace Boynton Beach, Florida
Age 25
Ancestry German, Italian, Dutch
Languages English, German, Italian, Dutch

Noah Centineo: Career and Awards

Noah Centineo’s acting career has been a journey filled with success and recognition. He has showcased his talent in a variety of projects, ranging from films to television shows. Centineo first gained critical acclaim for his role in the family drama series “The Fosters,” where he portrayed Jesus Adams Foster, a character that resonated deeply with audiences. Since then, he has continued to impress with his performances in various shows and movies.

Some of Centineo’s notable projects include:

  • “Tagged”
  • “Sierra Burgess is a Loser”
  • “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”

These performances have not only garnered widespread praise but have also earned Centineo several prestigious awards. He has been honored with accolades such as the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and MTV Movie & Music Awards, solidifying his status as a rising star in the entertainment industry.

noah centineo career

Centineo’s talent and dedication have propelled his career forward, allowing him to captivate audiences with his authentic portrayals and undeniable charm. As he continues to explore new roles and projects, it’s clear that Noah Centineo’s star is destined to shine even brighter in the years to come.

Noah Centineo Social Media Accounts

Noah Centineo is an active presence on various social media platforms, allowing his fans to stay connected with his life and career. With a significant following, Centineo engages with his audience on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.


Noah Centineo’s Instagram account (@ncentineo) boasts an impressive following of over 15.9 million followers. Through his Instagram posts and stories, Centineo shares glimpses of his personal life, updates on his projects, and interacts with his fans.


Noah Centineo’s Twitter account (@noahcent) has approximately 1.3 million followers. On Twitter, Centineo often shares his thoughts, engages in conversations, and promotes his upcoming endeavors.


Noah Centineo’s YouTube channel is another platform where fans can engage with his content. With nearly 1.85K subscribers, Centineo shares various videos, including behind-the-scenes footage, vlogs, and interviews.

Noah Centineo Social Media

By maintaining an active online presence across these social media platforms, Noah Centineo connects with his fans, offers exclusive content, and updates them on his latest projects and appearances.


Noah Centineo prioritized his education while pursuing his acting career. He attended BAK Middle School of the Arts, where he honed his artistic skills and developed a passion for performing. Later, he enrolled in Boca Raton Community High School, where he continued to nurture his talents.

However, as his career took off, Centineo’s commitment to his education led him to complete his high school studies at Agoura High School in Los Angeles. This allowed him to balance his academic pursuits with his flourishing acting career.

Achievements in Education

Although Noah Centineo is widely recognized for his achievements in the entertainment industry, he also excelled academically. During his high school years, he consistently demonstrated his dedication and commitment to his studies.

In recognition of his academic accomplishments, Centineo received several awards and accolades, including the Student of the Year award, which highlighted his exceptional academic performance and leadership qualities.

Quote from Noah Centineo

“Education has always been important to me. It provides the foundation for growth, both personally and professionally. I believe that continuous learning is essential in any field, and I strive to expand my knowledge and skills every day.”

Education Award Year
BAK Middle School of the Arts N/A N/A
Boca Raton Community High School N/A N/A
Agoura High School Student of the Year 2014

Despite his youthful success in the entertainment industry, Noah Centineo continues to value education as an integral part of his personal and professional growth.


Noah Centineo has been a part of various films throughout his career. His performances have garnered attention and praise from audiences and critics alike. Here are some of the notable movies that Noah Centineo has appeared in:

  • The Gold Retrievers
  • How to Build a Better Boy
  • Sierra Burgess Is a Loser
  • To All The Boys film series

Noah Centineo has showcased his versatility as an actor through these diverse projects, captivating viewers with his talent and charm.

noah centineo movies

Continue reading for more information about Noah Centineo’s fascinating career and personal life.

Personal Life

Noah Centineo’s personal life has undoubtedly piqued the curiosity of many fans worldwide. The talented actor has been the subject of numerous rumors and speculations regarding his romantic relationships. Over the years, he has been romantically linked to several models and actresses, igniting a frenzy among his dedicated followers.

However, as of now, it appears that Noah Centineo is enjoying the single life. He has not publicly confirmed any current relationships or dating endeavors. This revelation has only increased the adoration and fascination surrounding Centineo, as fans eagerly anticipate any updates on his love life.

Despite the speculation and attention, Noah Centineo remains focused on his career and personal growth. His captivating personality and incredible talent continue to captivate audiences worldwide, solidifying his status as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. With numerous projects on the horizon, fans can expect to see more of Centineo’s magnetic presence in the coming years.


What is Noah Centineo’s net worth?

Noah Centineo has a net worth of million.

How did Noah Centineo acquire his wealth?

Noah Centineo’s wealth primarily comes from his successful acting career in television shows and movies.

What are Noah Centineo’s assets?

Noah Centineo owns a house in Los Angeles and has a collection of cars, including models such as Ford Outlander, Mitsubishi, and Mercedes.

Has Noah Centineo’s net worth been increasing over the years?

Yes, Noah Centineo’s net worth has been steadily growing over the years.

What is Noah Centineo’s early life like?

Noah Centineo was born on May 9, 1996, in Boynton Beach, Florida. He showed an interest in acting from a young age and began his career at 13 years old.

What are some of Noah Centineo’s notable movies and television shows?

Noah Centineo has appeared in films and television shows such as “The Fosters,” “Sierra Burgess is a Loser,” and the “To All The Boys” film series.

Has Noah Centineo won any awards for his acting?

Yes, Noah Centineo has received awards such as Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and MTV Movie & Music Awards for his performances.

What are Noah Centineo’s social media accounts?

Noah Centineo is active on Instagram with over 15.9 million followers and Twitter with approximately 1.3 million followers. He also has a YouTube channel with nearly 1.85K subscribers.

Where did Noah Centineo go to school?

Noah Centineo attended BAK Middle School of the Arts and later Boca Raton Community High School. He completed his high school studies at Agoura High School in Los Angeles.

What is Noah Centineo’s personal life like?

Noah Centineo has been romantically linked to several models and actresses in the past. However, he is currently reported to be single.

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