Mike Jones Net Worth

Mike Jones Net Worth

Mike Jones is an American rapper, actor, and entrepreneur, who first kicked the doors of the entertainment industry open in 2001. He became popular with his catchy catch phrase, “Mike Jone, who?” Fans have grown to love him, because of his catchy phrase and his style of rap. Mike Jones is a hard worker who pursued his career in rap, because his grandmother influenced him with his ideas of how to pursue his career, write songs for strippers, and even using his real name. The estimated net worth of Mike Jones is $6 million.


Michael Jones was born on November 18, 1981, in Houston, Texas. When he was growing up, he always tried to figure out what he wanted to be when he was older. He spent a lot of his time thinking about the future and where he wanted to be in his life in the next 20 to 30 years. He had thought about being a basketball player, with the opportunity of rapping on the side, but because he transferred to different schools many times when he was growing up, he was forced to play in the YMCA leagues. Jones dropped out of high school and took on working at restaurant jobs. He also worked at a Compaq plant at leaving high school, which involved him selling cell phones from an apartment. However, his grandmother, Elsia Mae Jones, was his biggest influence, because she pushed gave him ideas about how to pursue his dream and to evenmarket his music by using his real name.


With his drive and motivation to be a well known rapper, Mike Jones has learned how to market himself as well as his catchy phrase, “Mike Jones, who?” With this motivation, he has grown to be a favorite among music lovers who have been waiting for a different kind of rapper. His drive to market his name on his product came because he had to keep repeating his name to DJs in the club, and after telling his grandmother about it, she told him to put it in his songs, with the catch phrase, to help music lovers remember his name. When he really set his plan into place to launch his career, he started out in a musical group, called Souf Folk, where he used the name, Sache. After joining this group, he released the album, Country Thuggin’. After releasing his album, he pursued a solo rap career, by opening his own record label, in 2001, called, Ice Age Entertainment. To get his music heard, he began selling music on the streets and to DJs t strip clubs. He soon signed with Swishahouse after meeting with Swishahouse A&R, T. Farris, who was also responsible for signing other rap artists, like, Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, and Slim Thug. After releasing his single, Still Tippin’ in 2004, he signed a major record deal with Jive Records and Warner Bros. He then released his second single, “Back Then,” which went Platinum, making it Jones’ first Platinum single. In 2005, he released his debut album, Who is Mike Jones?, and within two months he received another Platinum acknowledgement. Once Jones left Jive Records, he signed a distribution deal with Asylum Records for his label Ice Age. In 2006, he released his single, Mr. Jones, and it debuted at #92 on the Billboard Charts. Mike Jones has a very busy year in 2007, with the release of his EP, The American Dream. He also announced the an upcoming movie, titled, The American Dream. In 2008 Jones released his debut single, “Drop and Gimme 50, for his second solo album, The Voice. His album was so successful, that it debuted on the Billboard 200, at #12. Unfortunately after 2009, Jones went into hiatus, because of the financial issues he had with Asylum Records, but returned in 2013, with the release of his mixtape, Back Ballin’ Underground. In 2014, Jones signed a new distribution deal with Atlantic Records, afterwards in December of that year, he released his single, “3 Grams.” He went on to release his mixtape, Money Train, the following year. However, along with Jones’ success as a rapper, he has also taken part in acting, with his debut role being a small one in the television show, Prison Break. He also released a movie, in which he starred in, called, The American Dream, which was based on his life. Mike Jones has shown that his business skills in the entertainment business has paid off as well, by owning his own Cognac line, called, House of Dobbe. Mike Jones’ career has been one of success and real hustle. He has shown that with drive and ambition, dreams can be achieved and hurdles can be overcome.

Net Worth of Mike Jones

Mike Jones has had a successful career, because of his stripper music that soon made everyone dance. With his former label, Swishahouse being the beginning of music lovers really knowing Mike Jones and his talent, he became his own brand after releasing his music. From his music career to his acting skills, Mike Jones has become the Texas rapper, that fans all over the country loves. Mike Jones’ net worth is $6 million and he owes most of his success to his music career. He can also pay tribute to his line of Cognac.


Over the years, Mike Jones has proven to be a musician who loves to make dance music worth remembering. His favorite music lovers, he made music for was the strippers, because he knew that if strippers loved dancing to it, everyone would. However, he has not just been a great contributor to music, but also to his community. Jones has been involved in many different charity programs, including, Ice Age for Kids and The American Dream Foundation, through which he hosted community events for the youth as well as donated thousands of dollars. Mike Jones will always be the rapper known for getting people dancing to music that was completely different than what they were used to.

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