Mike Chang Net Worth

Mike Chang Net Worth

Mike Change created the Six Pack Shortcuts YouTube channel that focuses on bodybuilding as a serious profession. He has several followers, likes, and views and releases workout videos regularly through that channel. But life has not been all roses for the famous bodybuilder. He seems to have a lot of critics who don’t like his style or want to pick a fight with him. Still, he’s the one banking the result of his hard work, and it’s not a measly amount, either! His net worth currently stands at $2 million.


Mike Chang’s obsession with fitness started at a young age When he was 10 years old, he’d ask his mother to record women’s group aerobic workouts that would air early in the morning, then watch them in the afternoon when he got home from school, following along faithfully with a pair of three-pound dumbbells. At the age of 14 he had started going to the gym and lifting weights. Growing up in Houston Texas, all he ever wanted was six pack abs.

Around 2005-2006, Chang began researching dietary needs and the inner workings of the human body, all while seeking knowledge from several mentors, including a personal trainer named Zach who had worked with various celebrities.

Chang became a popular trainer in his hometown, and soon had hundreds training under him, to achieve the results he had achieved in his workouts. Chang posted his first workout video on YouTube in March 2010, co-starring his Friend Dan. He boasted multiple YouTube channels with his six packs shortcuts program, hundreds of videos and had more than 4.5 million subscribers across all his Channels with over 230 million views. Chang has also released a variety of products including Muscle Protein and a pre-workout supplement named The Afterburn Fuel.

Retirement from SPS

On May 17, 2016, Chang announced his retirement from Six Pack short Cuts on a YouTube video, just before the introduction of the Six Pack Shortcuts 2 program. Clark Shao, One of the SPS trainers and Chang’s childhood friends, became the lead trainer of the SPS brand.

Chang’s plans after retirement are to continue helping people with their fitness goals, but not necessarily through workout videos. Instead, he wants to focus on something he’s always taught as a secondary lesson, which is the importance of having the right mindset, understanding more about the feelings & habits, how to be successful and have fulfillment in life

Mike Chang Bio Info

Born: 30 November 1982 (age 35 years), Taipei, Taiwan
Occupation: Personal trainer, fitness instructor

Mike Chang Quotes

  • You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will. – Mike Chang
  • I appreciate being able to share my experiences and passion for fitness with the world. – Mike Chang
  • The honest truth is, I am so happy that I get to do what I love full time and sometimes I don’t take the time to appreciate that often enough, but I’m only human… I do one push up at a time just like you. – Mike Chang

Mike Chang Videos on YouTube

Six Pack Shortcuts Creator, Mike Chang was interviewed on the Daily Buzz.

Mike Chang talks about vulnerability.

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