Michael Richards Net Worth

Michael Richards Net Worth

Who is Michael Richards
Michael Richards is a three time Emmy Award winner ‘Actor, Director and Comedian from America. His most popular acting till date is for Seinfeld as Cosmo Kramer. He was born Michael Anthony Richards in Culver City, California on July 24, 1949. His father William Richards was an Electrical Engineer and his mother Phyllis was a medical records Librarian.

He went to Thousand Oaks High school. He holds a BA in drama from the Evergreen State College. He also went to the California Institute of the Arts for a brief moment of time. He appeared in student productions during his years at Los Angeles Valley College. He served in the US Army for 2 years.
Later he performed at various Comedy clubs during the day and drove a School bus during day-time. His mentors during his initial days were Allan Kaprow, Budd Friedman and Charles Jofee.

Work Profile
Michael’s career began with a Bill Crystal’s First Cable TV special. He regularly appeared as a stand-up comedian in ABC’s series – Fridays.

He then joined the Seinfeld cast in 1989. This show got him three Emmy awards as an Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

He worked in Other Television series like Cheers, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Faerie Tale Theatre – 2 episodes, Night Court, St. Elswhere, Marblehead Manor, Scarecrow and Mrs.King, Frenso, Comedians in Car Getting Coffee, Mad About you and his own show called The Michael Richards Show. He also acted in Television films like The Ratings Game, Herndon, David Copperfield, Slickers, At Your Service, London Suite and Camp MTV.

The Michael Richards Show premiered in the year 2000 on NBC channel. The show ran for one season with 8 aired and one unaired episode about a clumsy detective who finds successful solutions and provides a few laughs along the way.

His Stand-up comedy at Laugh Factory club ran into controversy due to his racial statements directed to a section of crowd which was telecast by mistake. He is credited for a voice role in the animated movie Bee Movie.

His latest Television avatar was for the series called Kirstie.
He has acted in few films like Cone heads, So I Married an Axe Muderer, Air Heads, Young Doctors in Love, Whoops Apocalypse, The Flintstones, Walk the Light Trial and Error and UHF.

Life History of Michael Richards
Richards married Cathleen Lyons in 1974 and a daughter, Sophia was born in 1975. He divorced here in 1992. In the year 2002, he married Beth Skipp 8 years after he started dating her.

Known for
Michael is known for his role as Cosmo Kramer in Sienfeld. He was involved in a controversy over his racial comments at Laugh Factory which got wide media coverage.

Awards and Recognition
Michael has won three Primetime Emmy awards for the years 1993, 1994, 1997 under the Category Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy series for his role in Sienfeld.
He Won the Screen Actors Guild Awards under the category Outstanding Performance by ensemble in a Comedy series for the years 1995, 1997, 1998.

Net Worth of Michael Richards
Net worth of Michael Richards is $45 million. His earnings per episode in Seinfeld during the 90s was $150,000 which improved to $600,000 in the last few shows.

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