Michael Diamond Net Worth

Michael Diamond Net Worth

Michael Diamond is an American songwriter and rapper with a net worth of around $75 million. He was the founding member of Beastie Boys, and he’s also known as “The King of Lunch.” He also co-founded The Young Aborigines in 1979, which was the precursor to The Beastie Boys. His net worth is estimated around $75 million.


Born Michael Diamond on November 20, 1966, Mike D started out as the lead singer for a punk band. That group evolved into the Beastie Boys, the first major white rap act. The group scored with its first album, Licensed to Ill, in 1986.

Early Years

From a middle-class Jewish family, Mike D attended one of New York’s most unconventional private schools. It was at the Walden School that he got his first taste of rap and funk music.

While Mike D admired the sounds of hip-hop and rap, he started out as the vocalist in a hardcore punk band. He and Adam Yauch (later known as MCA) played in a band with Kate Schellenbach and John Berry. They landed gigs at such New York clubs as CBGB’s. By 1983, the band had gone through some lineup changes with the departures of Schellenbach and Berry and the addition of Adam Horovitz, best known as Ad-Rock.

Mike D and his bandmates shared a similar sense of humor, and this came through in their first underground hit. Moving away from their punk roots, they released a rap single called “Cooky Puss,” using a prank phone call to the Carvel Ice Cream company as one of its samples.

Social and Political Activism

Along with the other Beastie Boys, Mike D has been a strong supporter of the Tibetan Freedom movement. The band has staged several concerts over the years to raise funds and awareness regarding the treatment of the Tibetan people by China. He also helped out his own town by appearing at the New Yorkers Against Violence Concert in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Mike D is also active in environmental causes. In 2003, he worked with singer Alanis Morissette and others to get Deputy Interior Secretary J. Steven Griles removed from his post. The group thought that Griles was doing a poor job of overseeing the country’s national parks. In 2007, Mike D and his bandmates appeared at Live Earth London, part of series of concerts to raise awareness about climate change.

Personal Life

Mike D is married to director Tamra Davis. The couple has two sons.

Michael Diamond Bio Info

Full name: Michael Louis Diamond
Nickname: Mike D
Born: 20 November 1965 (age 52 years), New York City, New York, United States
Spouse: Tamra Davis (m. 1993)
Children: Davis Diamond, Skyler Diamond
TV shows: Summer Breeze
Music groups: Beastie Boys, Beastie Boys (Since 1981), The Young Aborigines (1978 – 1981)

Michael Diamond Quotes

  • I have an equal amount of patience as my grade-school children, which is not great. – Mike D
  • Real life is much stranger than fiction, man. – Mike D
  • To me, the whole thing with the roots of rap music was when the DJ had to supply all the music for the group with two turntables. And the whole criteria of what that DJ would use had nothing to do with what type of band made a record. – Mike D
  • Obviously, there are moments that you look back at and cringe – things in the past involving violence or disrespect to women or disrespect to other people that are so far away from what I want to put out there now. But it’s actually a privilege to be able to change and be making records that reflect that change. – Mike D

Michael Diamond Videos on YouTube

Beastie Boys Legend Mike D enlisted architect Barbara Bestor to devise a haven that celebrates the best of California living.

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