Michael Bivins Net Worth

Michael Bivins Net Worth

Who is Michael Bivins?
Michael Lamont Bivins is a famous American rapper, singer and a manager. This popular musician was born on 10th August 1968. He is the founding member of “Bell Div DeVoe” and “New Edition”. He has found groups such as “Another Bad Creation”, “Boyz 11 Men”, “702” etc. He is also known as Biv, M.B. and Michael Bivins. Bivins is most popular in the new jack swing, R&B and Hip-Hop genres. He grabbed the limelight in 1983 when he released his debut studio album “Candy Girl”.

Michael Bivins Net Worth:
Michael Bivins has an approximate net worth of $40 million as of now. He has made himself this much of money from his musical performances for his music groups. He also earned a lot from the sales of his studio albums. Bivins is also in charge of producing, managing and discovering acts. He has earned a lot from these various sources too. “Biv 10 Records” – is his own label.

Michael Bivins Life History:
Bivins was born in Boston, Massachusetts in the US. Shirley and Gerard Bivins were his parents. He had a sister named Tanya. Bivins is now married to his teenage sweetheart Teasha Bivins. They two have a son named Michael Jr. Bivins. Biv is a truly caring daddy. He had expressed his true love and concern for his son through an article named “Michael Bivins: The Difference between a Father and A Daddy”. This article was published on

Michael Bivins is known for:
Bivins is a founding member of “New Edition”. After the breaking up of this group, he then formed “Bell Biv DeVoe” with Ronnie DeVoe and Ricky Bell. This group is specifically recognized as one of the introducing with the “new jack swing” sound. “Poison” is the debut album of them and it reached 5th on the “Billboard 200” chart in the year of 1990. Michael Bivins is also a music entrepreneur and he is the A&R man of his personal acts. He also produced some New Edition movies. Recently, Bivins has appeared in a basketball film entitled “Crossover” where he played the role of Heart Attack. Bivins is the founder and CEO of Sporty Rich Enterprises record label.
Bivins has released several studio albums till 2004 with New Edition. In 1984, he has released “New Edition”, in 1985 “All for Love”, in 1986; he released “Under the Blue Moon”, “Heart Break” in 1988, “Home Again” in 1996 and “One Love” in 2004.
With Bell Biv DeVoe, Michael Bivins has released some popular albums including “Hootie Mack” in 1993, “BBD” in 2001 and in 2017 “Three Stripes” got released.
In the year of 2009, Bivins has released a single named “Fresh” featuring Lil’ Kim and Clipse.

Michael Bivins Political/Business Affiliation:
Bivins is interested in other ventures except performing music. He is the man who decides everything else in R&B New Edition. He gives the every minute updates from wardrobe, appearances and the stage show details. With his extremely professional attitude, he has reached this level of success.

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