Matt Hardy Net Worth

Matt Hardy Net Worth

Matt Hardy is an American professional wrestler and wrestling promoter, who has wrestled since 1992. His no nonsense attitude in his wrestling character, has grabbed fans from the very beginning. Matt and his brother Jeff Hardy started their own wrestling federation before being picked up by the World Wrestling Federation, called, Trampoline Wrestling Federation. Matt Hardy worked hard to have a career in wrestling and signed with the World Wrestling Federation in 1994, as a jobber. However, his wrestling life changed to permanent in 1998, when he signed to be a part of the Attitude Era, that won fans over in the 90’s. The estimated net worth of Matt Hardy is $5.5 million.


Matthew Moore Hardy was born on September 23, 1974, in Cameron, North Carolina to Gilbert and Ruby Moore Hardy. He is also the oldest brother of professional wrestler, Jeff Hardy. When Matt and Jeff Hardy were children their mother died from brain cancer in 1986. Matt was very athletic throughout his childhood years and through high school. He played baseball as a child as well as football. Matt Hardy attended Union Pines High School, where he had the reputation of being a good student. With him being a meritorious student, he became a nominee for the Morehead Award, which is a scholarship offered to students for any university in North Carolina. After attending the University of North Carolina in Charlotte for engineering, Matt Hardy dropped out of college a year later, because of his father’s illness. However, Hardy went on to pursue his education at Sandhills Community College in Pinehurst and earned his Associate’s degree.


Matt Hardy started his journey to being a world known professional wrestler, in 1992. His love and passion of wrestling, led him and his brother along with some of their friends started their own wrestling federation, calling it, the Trampoline Wrestling Federation. After starting their own wrestling federation, Hardy sent in a tape to the World Championship Wrestling (WCW), to show the wrestling talent that had grown between him and his brother. By 1994, the Hardys were wrestling for independent circuit wrestling companies, but Matt and his brother Jeff wrestled separately, instead of as a team. Hardy used the name, Wolverine, which led to him taking the New England Wrestling Alliance Championship. In 1997, Matt and Jeff Hardy, created their own wrestling promotion, called, The Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts (OMEGA). However, while working independently as a professional wrestler, Matt Hardy also worked as a jobber from 1994 until 1998 for the World Wrestling Federation. His career only took off for the better in 1998, because him and his brother Jeff signed to the World Wrestling Federation as a tag team group, and inspired a new kind of wrestling, involving tables, ladders, and chairs. Their unique style of high flying action wrestling became fun for fans to watch and they became a fan favorite. Matt’s career in the World Wrestling Federation, later took him into being a single wrestler, who wrestled by himself for various other championships. In 2010, Hardy left the World Wrestling Federation, turned WWE, and signed with Total Nonstop Action (TNA). After signing with TNA, he was suspended in a matter of months, in which he then signed with independent wrestling circuits. He reunited with Omega in 2013 and the very next year returned to TNA. Matt Hardy has not only been a top performing wrestler, he has also made appearances in television shows like, That 70’s Show and Scare Tactics. Hardy has also been recognized as a New York Times Best Selling Author, for his book, The Hardy Boyz: Exist 2 Inspire. Matt Hardy even has his own reality television show, that was written and produced by him, called, the Hardy Show. He also appeared in the film, Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies in 2013.

Net Worth of Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy’s popularity as a wrestler has taken him to the heights of being one of the most well known and respected wrestlers in the world. His passion of wrestling has always been something that has helped him achieve much more than just wrestling. His best selling book, The Hardy Boyz: Exist 2 Inspire, a book about his and his brother’s achievements as a tag team in the WWE and individually, has made Matt a more well rounded person. His appearances on several television shows, such as, Fear Factor, where he won the Fear Factor Champion, has helped him become a favorite among viewers who loved watching his high flying action. Matt Hardy’s estimated net worth is $5.5 million, and he can pay tribute of his success to his wrestling career as well as his promotion company. He has built a reputation for himself as being a hardcore wrestler who has wrestled with the best.

Personal Life

Being a WWE wrestler, always brings a certain kind of truth to the storylines. So when his relationship with Amy Lita Dumas became known to the wrestling world, their storyline was popular and everyone loved it. Unfortunately, Lita cheated on Hardy, with fellow wrestler and his friend Adam Edge, and their personal and professional relationship ended. However since then, he has been romantically linked to, WWE Diva, Ashley Massaro and also Reby Reyes, also known as Reby Sky, a model and professional wrestler. In 2013, Matt Hardy and Reby Sky were married, and they had their son, Maxel Hardy, in 2015. They recently had a second son, Wolfgang Xander Hardy, in 2017.


Matt Hardy has been a rising influence of future wrestlers for many years. The tables, ladders, and chairs matches that him and his brother would have has been what has helped fans love wrestling even more. However, Matt has been a positive influence, by promoting wrestling and helping future wrestlers become professional wrestlers. He is not only a great influencer of wrestlers in the organization, Matt Hardy also works closely with charity organizations and donates money for various causes. He continues to be a thriving success, who’s heart is just as big as his career.

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